Brace Yourselves Brooklyn Heights: Vampire Robert Pattinson is Coming

If the Cobble Hill Blog’s report of a “harem” of women stalking Twilight star Robert Pattinson on the set of his new flick Remember Me on Amity Street today is any indication, our humble nabe will experience a similar invasion next week when filming hits Cranberry Street and surroundings.

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  • north heights res

    Kiss parking good-bye for Monday and Tuesday–can’t park on these streets from Monday until Tuesday after 9 pm. And they’ve taken over, oh, only a dozen blocks or so.


  • Chrissy

    Eek! Parking will be a gong show for sure.
    Twilight has really taken off huh.
    I recently read Emma Gabor’s book, Predatoress that could in fact be the next twilight/new moon book!
    I loved it and I think a bunch of other people will love it too.
    The story line is great and maybe even good enough for a movie.
    I’m sure if Robert Pattinson starred in it, the teenyboppers would go gaga!!

  • x

    Pattinson. BFD. What’s the big deal? All he has is one popular movie under his belt. Yawn!

  • The Where

    We’ll make sure these kids get off all of your lawns.

  • north heights res

    As of about an hour ago, you couldn’t drive up Columbia Heights because there’s a big hole in the street around Cranberry, and the movie shoot wasn’t permitting traffic on Hicks at Cranberry. Or pedestrians.

    Nightmare. I hate them.

  • Jazz

    If you’re hating on this film shoot, methinks you need a little of the ol’ inoutinout.