St. George Hotel Brick Thrower Nabbed

The Brooklyn Eagle confirms that a brick thrower was apprehended by police this morning atop the St. George Hotel. We will link to the Eagle's coverage when it is published online later today.

The Eagle is now reporting that a Pace University student identified only as "Jason" was responsible for the brick tossing morning of terror on Henry Street:

Brooklyn Eagle: Student Nabbed…: Alec Drummond, who was at the scene when the incident occurred at around 9 a.m., said the young man had thrown two or three cinder blocks into Henry Street. Drummond directed people walking on the sidewalk to cross the street or stand under the awning of the lobby entrance to the No. 2 and 3 train’s Clark Street train station.

“I think he was just trying to hit cars,” said Drummond, pointing to a young, brown-haired man still peering over the edge of the St. George, even after police and firemen arrived. Smashed cinder blocks.

A police source added, “It was an act of vandalism, not hurting people.”



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  • BLS Alum

    I’ve never experienced a bartender “running around” any time I’ve ever been to floyd. They usually give you the disaffected stare from behind the bar…..but that’s beside the point. I agree with you on tipping for good service. But again, you make a sweeping generalization when you say “you kids” don’t know how to tip (p.s. – I’m in my thirties….hardly a kid). Keep in mind that given the fact that law school costs about $50K a year, most law students don’t have two dimes to rub together. They are tipping what they can. That doesn’t make it right, it’s just what it is. I’m sure the bar would rather have the business than not. And I’m sure a bartender would rather have a tip (whether it be large or small) rather than no tip and no job.

    To increase your barhopping pleasure, I’d recommend staying away from any bar that will gladly serve 15 soco and lime shots….they are obviously catering to a clientele that you are not going to agree with. This is why I was happy to see Annie’s Blue Moon go away….

    Maybe I’m not going to the right places (or wrong places, really), but I don’t see the extreme drunkenness that you keep talking about. Not that there’s ever any excuse for getting so hammered that you puke in a bar or on the way home (it’s called personal responsibility), but isn’t the bartender partly to blame for not cutting that person off when it is obvious they’ve had too much to drink?

    Unfortunately for you, the law school isn’t going anywhere, so until a few new bars (upscale lounge or hotel bar please!) open in the neighborhood, you’re probably going to have to share space with some students.

  • BLS Alum

    p.s. – I heartily endorse Henry Street Ale house – great place to grab some drinks (and food) and you won’t see the 15 shot type of behavior…very laid back

  • Pace2007

    Actually, Pace will still have a presence in Brooklyn Heights. Although they have lost the entire 55 Clark Street building, they will still have several floors in the St. George. I’ve been living in St. George and Clark Street residence halls for the past three years and it’s sad to leave, especially when you see how much they are charging students. I had a roommate that did something similar but was with water balloons and it happened on Pineapple Street. It takes just one immature or thoughtless resident to ruin the experience for everyone. Most of my fellow Pace students don’t do things like this. Generally, it seems as though problems, like throwing things off the building and screaming out the windows at night, seems to happen on floors that are not Pace. These are, for the St. George, floors 2 and 3. For Clark, it’s seven through 11. Even though Pace will be gone, other schools will take the rooms we vacated so you’re stuck with students for a little longer.