Governors Island – Fantastic!

Hey! I can sorta see my house from here!

Hey! I can sorta see my house from here!

We made it out to Governors Island yesterday via the free ferry from Fulton Landing.   We stumbled upon Creative Times “This World & Nearer Ones” art exhibit which is taking the island by storm this weekend.   Mrs. Fink and I were amused by Nils Norman’s tent installation by Castle William as well as the many exhibits in the island’s abandoned residences.  We hope that whatever the future holds for the Island, which is now under NY State control, includes preserving the intimate feeling and historic landmarks that it offers.

You can read up on and participate in future park plans via The Park at the Center of the World and stay up to date on park events via the Governors Island blog.

Hey Island historians — while we suspect that Poppa Fink spent some time at Castle William after being picked up for being AWOL (hey it was to see Charlie Parker, we think) from the Army in Times Square right after WWII, was it more likely he cooled his heels at Fort Jay?

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  • CJP

    Second the positive comments about Governor’s Island. My son and I bicycled around the island and had a lot of fun. You can bring your own or rent one out there.

    Just make sure you doublecheck the ferry schedules and departure point if you’re leaving from Manhattan. It’s all very clear once you know it, but the ferry does not depart from where some think it does so make sure you know where you’re boarding.

    Also I was underwhelmed by the food/snack options, so bring your own.

    Despite those very minor tips we had a great time and can’t say enough about the experience.

    As you’re enjoying the island ask yourself “what should eventually be done with this island?” And look out for the ferry boat that was formerly used to service Martha’s Vineyard. And ask yourself “who bought this vessel, what were they hoping to do with it and what will happen to it now?”

  • ABC

    we’ve been going non-stop since the ferry began leaving from brooklyn, including yesterday. It’s fantastic. But why no ferry service today? No sign, no nothing.

  • alex

    ABC — I think the Brooklyn ferry only runs on Saturdays at this point.

  • ABC

    Ah! We’ve been going on Saturdays, but I thought it ran Fri-Sat-Sun, but I guess that’s Manhattan only? Drag…

  • Poppa Fink

    It was Charlie Barnet at a place called “The Aquarium” around 46 St. and 7th Ave.
    No disrespect to “Bird” but I was yet to get hip to the west coast sound or Be Bop.
    To this day (only 63 years later) I don’t know at which facility I was a guest … thanks for the memory Homer!

  • XYZ

    @ CJP: Seastreak has been using a Martha Vineyards vessel once in a while for service to Sandy Hook/Atlantic Highlands. If I remember correctly the MV’s line had taken over Seastreak early 2008, but you would have to look that up.

  • another jen

    thanks for the reminder on this service – we should use it so they continue it next year!

  • Matthew Parker

    General sale tickets just became available this morning at Ticketmaster for the B-52s playing Governor’s Island on the evening of August 18th.

  • greatgazoo

    you need to check the Gov Island website every week to find out when Brooklyn service runs. Fri-Sat-Sun is Manhattan only, and they add a Brooklyn/Fulton Ferry service typically one day per weekend (either Sat or Sun) depending on “special events” on the Island. Some weekends it’s been Sunday (like Father’s Day, due to some kind of punk rock festival – kid you not), but some it’s been Saturday, like this past weekend. In short, it varies, and you need to check each week, but not a big deal. The Ferry is great, and the Island well worth it!

  • neiger

    my favorite was the exhibit “preetworks” at the 4 heads governors island art fair. To see real art work in a real environment as Governors Island is a real experience. Preet Srivastava said she always dreamed of creating an art fair inside nature. There are 5 buildings of 150 solo excellent exhibitions.