Open Thread Wednesday

Flickr BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel

Bogus Cigar Bar… what's up with the prank? 

Have all the activities at Cranberry Corner raised the bar for local toddler birthday parties?  

Anderson Cooper spotted at Noodle Pudding, what's your celeb nabe sighting? 

Lots of chatter about Five Guys Burgers and Fries, a national chain, opening on Montague. What do you think of food chains opening on the block. Good for business, bad for character? 

Spring is here (allegedly), who has the best window box?

Law student does a nudie film for Playboy… so what? 

…and whatever else is on your mind.  Comment below.

BHB Photo Club pic by fkuffel via Flickr

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  • Claude Scales

    So, that Starbucks cup lasted all the way from Montague to Cadman Plaza.

  • Homer Fink

    anon – well that helped

  • Heights97

    I’m willing to give Five Guys a try. The other stores set the bar so low, I think we should all welcome anything that’s not a real estate agency, cell phone store, optometrist or bank. My short list of things to be grateful for on Montague Street: (1) Teresa’s. The homey feel of the restaurant and homemade quality of the cooking compensate for its mediocrity. They also have some tasty Polish beers that I had never tried before. Ask for an Okocim (sp?). (2) The neon Armando’s sign. I love that red lobster in the middle. If Armando’s ever goes out of business, the sign ought to be landmarked and allowed to remain a part of the streetscape. Unfortunately, the food is abysmal, unless you care for brown tomato sauce on top of overcooked pasta. (3) Garden of Eden. It’s far from perfect (particularly their fish–yuck), but it’s nice for olives, olive oils, cheeses, smoked salmon, sausages, etc. Their Serrano ham from Spain is outstanding. (4) The burgers and fries at Heights Cafe. We’ll see how Five Guys compares, but for now, this is my favorite burger in the neighborhood.

    I wish I could name more than four redeeming features of Montague Street, but that’s all I can think of. If anyone wants to open my eyes to others, please do. I have an open mind.

  • Qfwfq

    Heights97: in agreement with you about Teresa’s. Two words: white borscht.

    I always liked the burgers at Henry St. Alehouse. How does the Heights Cafe burger compare?

  • Cranky

    QFWFQ: My brother says Henry Street Alehouse has the best burgers in the neighborhood with Heights Cafe coming in second. Whenever he comes to visit it’s one or the other.

  • curious george

    Heights97: Gotta say I agree with your list … but I’d add Migita (the old Fuji San) as having some excellent food, wonderful service & the nicest employees … and even though I lovelovelove the food at Teresa’s, the number of cockroaches crawling on the walls beside the tables is enough to turn my stomach! They need some good insecticide and cleaning before I can feel comfortable eating in a bug-free zone :(

  • Heights97

    I haven’t been to Henry Street Alehouse in a long time. I’ll have to try it again. Jack the Horse makes a nice burger, too, as I think others have pointed out here.

  • BP

    Celeb: Last Saturday (I think it was, or Sunday?) stopped in to The Tailored Pet on Pineapple Walk so my daughter could visit the kitties. Rosie Perez wearing those big celebrity sunglasses. (It was the voice that gave her away).

    The burgers at the Park Plaza are better than what they were a few years ago. I think they switched to Angus beef.

    Haven’t been to Teresa’s for years, but I still remember the white borscht.

    I miss the weather on the site, too.

    Again, can you increase the number of posts listed in “Nabe Chatter.” When there’s a lot of activity in one thread, any other recent posts get lost and that is a “shame.”

  • noone of consequence

    From the “Standish Arms” thread:
    Comment from IMAJW
    Time: April 11, 2007, 5:44 pm

    Oh, and to ‘curiousgeorge’….sweetie, read what the bible says about being gay or worshiping false gods. It’s not what JW’s say…it’s what the BIBLE says! I Cor 6:9-11; Lev 20:13

    Refer to the entry for “Jehovah’s Witnesses”

    “Some scholars have criticized the New World Translation, the translation of the Bible published by Jehovah’s Witnesses, stating that the group has changed the Bible to suit their doctrine and that the translation contains a number of errors and inaccuracies.”


    Personally, I don’t read any Bible, so I don’t care which one you read. Just note that there is no “One Bible” when you’re dealing with the various forms of Christianity.


    Also, wikipedia notes that JW “interpret the Bible literally” so it’s inaccurate to say, “It’s not what JW’s say.” Especially, when they have published their own version of the Bible.

  • Claude Scales

    Muddled thoughts (the Mets lost; why was Perez taken out after 2.5 innings?; I’m on my third shot of Cognac): (1) I’ll enthusiastically second Qfwfq’s recommendation of Teresa’s white borscht, and add that I also love their tripe soup (OK, I know most middle class Americans don’t share my liking of what my Massachusetts-bred wife calls “speah pahts”); the “Sokota burger” at Jack the Horse may have reordred my “best of class” list; (3) other reasons to love Montague Street: (a) named for an English noblewoman who helped to popularize vaccination; (b) mentioned in a Bob Dylan song (“Tangled Up in Blue”); (c) Jackie Robinson signed his first major league contract here.

  • Homer Fink

    anon – I must say your comments here, when taken as a whole are quite entertaining. You’re welcome to be a contributor, if you’re courageous enough.

  • Claude Scales

    I’ll second that. Come join the love fest.

  • sal

    anon: Your posts are always informative and exciting….but will you please take a minute to activate your spellcheck?
    (I hope I’m not out of line)

  • frelkins

    hey when it comes to montague st is no one going to put in a good word for big jeff? he will special order wines for you if you ask.

  • Homer Fink

    anon – know you’re boring ME.

  • John Lydon


  • Claude Scales

    I resent that. I’m much more boring than the Finks. Compared to me, they’re Ricky and Lucy, Nick and Nora, Bogey and Bacall, Fred and Ginger, Nichols and May and the White Stripes all rolled into two.

    frelkins: hearty second to your props for Big Jeff.

  • Heights97

    Big Jeff rules!