The Search for Tippy

455329727_b9d3f64e47_o.jpgTippy, a young male black cat is missing.  His owner Rob Halpin has posted fliers around the area where the feline was last seen — Cranberry and Willow Streets.  Tippy is an indoor cat who ran out of his home and into the neighborhood. According to the poster, he's not a threat to other animals but could be hiding behind trash bins and other large items in fear.

If you have any information on Tippy contact BHB (webmaster AT or call Rob at 617 – 314 – 2808. (click on thumbnail for larger version of poster) 

UPDATE: Rob checked in on the BHB hotline with a big "thank you" to the BHB readers who have checked in with him to offer their support as well as a few who have seen Tippy. Since he just adopted the cat, he doesn't have a photo to share with us. However he says that Tippy is a "standard black short haired" cat with goldish yellow eyes and weights about 10 pounds.

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