Heights History: Murder on Joralemon Street

The Brooklyn Eagle’s This Day in History looks at the June 2, 1931 murder of Dr. George E. Deely of Joralemon Street:

The doctor’s housekeeper Norma Lindaris came down the stairs at 8 a.m. on June 2, 1931 to start breakfast. She was puzzled at seeing the door to Dr. Deeley’s living quarters slightly ajar. He was never known not to lock the hallway doors to his bedroom and living room at night.

After starting breakfast, Norma went in through the unlocked door to the living room and knocked on the doctor’s closed bedroom door. Not getting a response, she opened the door and was horrified to find Dr. Deely lying dead face down in the center of the room. His throat had been cut, and he bore numerous other knife wounds in the chest and abdomen, accounting for the huge amount of blood in which he lay. His jugular vein had been severed.  Read more

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  • AEB

    “[The killer’s] dance hall girlfriend from 111th Street never visited him in the death house….”

    Relationships DO require work…..

  • bklyn20

    Sadly, the writer of this piece in the Eagle, Vernon Parker, went to his reward a number of years ago. A very lovely gentleman whom I knew in the late 80s.