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One More Story About Nicholas “Nicki” Hernandez: Maybe He Wanted to Watch the Sun Come Up

A funeral home may not be a typical neighborhood hangout, but that’s Brooklyn.  We were a strange trio in the last days of this cold winter on Atlantic Avenue.   Nicki, Ronnie and I at Heights and Hill Funeral  Home, late afternoon.  In the foyer, brilliant sun blazing through the  stained glassed window, potted plants and […]

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Requiem for Atlantic Avenue Hunchback

Most residents and passersby did not know Nicholas Hernandez, who died Monday, by name. They might have referred to him as the “Hunchback of Atlantic Avenue”. Today, a makeshift memorial appeared in front of the New Island Deli where Hernandez slept frequently.

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Nicholas Hernandez, The “Hunchback of Atlantic Avenue”, Dies

This note in from BHB reader Wil Smith: I may have sent you a message earlier through your site, but am not sure it went through (tried to post onto the open thread comments section, but doesn’t appear to be there). I was hoping that you might cover the recent death of Nicholas Hernandez, the […]

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