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Buenas Noches La Mancha on Atlantic Avenue; French Bistro on the Way?

Posts on restaurant review site Chowhound about the demise of La Mancha [135 Atlantic Avenue] appear to be true. Cobble Hill Blog’s EJ confirms the veracity of commenter “Steve R” who posted: Just thought I’d use this old thread as an opportunity to say goodbye to my local hangout, as Jose closed the place this […]

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Chowhound Wants to Know: What’s Your Favorite Delivery Meal?

There’s a post on Chowhound that asks: “What’s the best delivery dish in Brooklyn Heights?” So far, it’s received only two responses. I’ve got to credit commenter “BklynBlaise” for mentioning the tripe soup from Teresa’s. Blaise shares my liking for what my Massachusetts-born wife disdainfully calls “speah pahts”, and has also aroused my curiosity to […]

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