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Solutions Mulled for Easing Brooklyn Bridge Promenade Congestion

It always seems like a great idea: on a beautiful day, a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, or maybe a stroll preceding a subway ride uptown. It’s a great idea: until you actually get to the Bridge. Aside from early mornings and late evenings, trying to cross the Bridge on foot or two wheels seems […]

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Law & Order: Cyclists Ignore Ban On Bikes Along Promenade

Brooklyn Heights residents are roiled over bicyclists wheeling down the pedestrian-packed Promenade—which is forbidden, according to the long list of no-no’s along the picturesque walkway. The Brooklyn Paper claims that the rule-breaking cyclists frequently “weave around park-goers and ride all over the borough’s most illustrious sidewalk.” Community Board 2 district manager Rob Perris says he […]

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News 12 Brooklyn Picks Up on Church Parking Flap

Yesterday, News 12 Brooklyn covered the Henry Street parking flap regarding First Presbyterian Church parishioners parking in the bike lane seen on BHB last week.  The issue was first raised by nabe blogger Ink Lake, who posts that the situation remained the same yesterday.

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Voice: Loon Sabotaging Brooklyn Bridge Bike Path

The Village Voice published a report today claiming that someone is harassing bicyclists by sprinkling staples along the Brooklyn Bridge and Manhattan Bridge bikepaths.  The staples stick to the tires and eventually puncture them.  The problem has been going on for “a few weeks” the paper says. 

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Open Thread: Bikes on the Promenade

According to 311, the Brooklyn Heights Promenade is not one of the parks in Brooklyn where bicycling is allowed.  However we see bikes zooming by all the time.  Is the rule against bikes warranted and should it be enforced? Flickr photo by gak

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