Open Thread Wednesday

My apologies! I set this up last night but forgot to publish it. What’s on your mind? Comment away!

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  • Henry Brockholst

    I was walking down Garden Place the other day and came upon some sightseers. I told them about the plaques explaining the history of the street, and they asked me where the Livingston house would’ve been located. I told them it would’ve been at the end of Livingston St/Aiken Pl and the garden of Garden Place to the west behind the house (later owned by Mr Joralemon?). Now I don’t know if I read this somewhere or if I made this up. Was I correct?

  • mira

    where can one donate old iphones and tablets and know they're going to a good cause? anyone know of some good / legit organizations that take them? thanks.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Everything you want to know aboutGarden Place but were afraid to ask

  • Karl Junkersfeld
  • tfunk

    I spoke to the construction workers at L&B Spumoni Gardens at 46 Old Fulton Street on Monday, June 17th, and they are very much moving forward and still planning to open.

    There is no word on when, but the public space on the main level is ready to go. The workers were just doing steel repair work in the basement.

  • MaggieO

    between foodtown deliveries, construction at Packer, construction at Catholic Charities, and demo prep for St. Francis that block of Joralemon between Court and Clinton has become traffic chaos. not suggesting anything, just saying…

  • Andrew Porter

    18 Cranberry Street in one of those 1940 Municipal Archives tax photos:

  • Andrew Porter

    The Lower East Side Ecology Center sponsors regular e-waste recycling events at the Unitarian Church on Pierrepont Street. More info about them here:

  • clarknt67

    If you have an empty tree box on your street or a spot in your backyard, you could adopt one of these baby oaks sprouting on the Packer Institute’s lawn. There are dozens of little sprouts, apparently from the large oak above it. This is the corner of Clinton and Jorealemon, across from the new Foodtown. I am sure Packer will just mow them to death, probably soon.

  • Jorale-man

    Yep, not to mention the interesting characters who hang out in front of the Medical Arts Building. I cut over to Livingston or Remsen Streets if I need to get to downtown now.

  • Henry Brockholst

    I am very glad they moved the bench in front of the Medical Arts Building closer to Henry St. It used to be too close to a stoop and created a bottleneck with very little clearance especially when people were sitting on it. It’s better now.

  • Banet

    Once again, the little lending library at the intersection of Grace Court Alley and Hicks Street is pretty bare.

    While you’re hiding inside from the heat why not go through your shelves and pick out 5 or 10 books you know you’re never going to read again and walk them on down after it cools off? :-)

    (Arch Stanton, I’m looking at you.)

    And just as a reminder, anyone is always welcome to take a book or two even if they are not dropping off a book or two. But please, don’t take ALL the books. Because I know you’re just donating them to Housing Works for a tax deduction. That’s not cool.

  • Henry Brockholsy

    I think Arch moved away a few years ago, but they should visit and drop off some books.

  • Banet

    I thought it was Arch who mentioned that he should bring some books by when I posted about this about a month ago. But maybe my memory is faulty. Regardless, people… Bring some books!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Banet, your not losing your mind. Arch did indeed respond to your call for books:

    "Lately, I'm only in the Heights a couple of days a month. But I will pick a nice selection and make a donation., next time I'm around."

  • Andrew Porter

    Gothamist has the details on the current plan to fix the BQE under the Promenade. Construction won't start before 2029:

  • Arch Stanton

    ^^^I'm flattered Y'all keeping tabs on my whereabouts! Indeed I still have an apartment in BH though I spend much of my time at my upstate home.
    Admittedly, I have been procrastinating on the Book-purge, a daunting task it is, I will get to it soon…

  • MaggieO

    to be clear, there has been no explanation of how this new proposal will get built, just what its final form will be. hoping someone who can attend tonight's info-session can provide some insight on that aspect.
    i'm also confused by how the person quoted in the article seems to think that stacking the roadways is some kind of novel idea that Moses didn't even think of… that's literally how the triple-cantilever was created.