Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar to open in 3 weeks!

((Mark Lahm, left, of Henry's End, and Jim Montemarano, of Cranberry's, are opening the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar in three weeks (BHB/Sarah Portlock))

((Mark Lahm, left, of Henry's End, and Jim Montemarano, of Cranberry's, are opening the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar in three weeks (BHB/Sarah Portlock))

The owners of the new Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar were out this morning putting final touches on their new space at 50 Henry St., and owner Mark Lahm said the spot will be open within the next three weeks.

“We wished we could have opened earlier, but there were things out of our control,” Lahm said. “There’s one piece of officialdom we haven’t gotten yet,” but did not elaborate.

On Friday, the State Liquor Authority approved their application and granted them their all-important liquor license. Part of the timing delay, Lahm has explained, is because they wanted to get their own license and not be affiliated in any way with the former Wine Bar at 50 Henry spot that closed in the wake of the Busy Chef scandal last summer.

The paper curtains were down today to reveal new furniture, but Lahm said the curtains might go back up while they put the finishing touches on the completely-redone space. They are also finalizing the menu, which he said early on would be a collection of small plates of cheeses, charcuterie, soups, and “interesting salads.”

Lahm also owns Henry’s End at 44 Henry St., and is partnering with Jim Montemarano, who owns the coffee shop Cranberry’s at 48 Henry St., on the wine bar project.

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  • In The Heights


  • jim

    fyi: that’s the same furniture that was there before. and I don’t see what was renovated it looks the same inside. Not that I am complaining, I just want the place to reopen.

  • Neighborhood Observer

    Jim and Mark are a great example of local merchants who are committed to our community. It is thrilling to see them working together on the Wine Bar venture, which will fill a leisure time gap in the North Heights. Thanks guys….

  • Zeekers

    Good to see quality people opening a quality place. You know the food and drink will be good, Cranberry’s is the best in the hood.

  • Brit Fisher

    We wanted to give the Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar (corners of Henry and Cranberry) proper and well deserved credit for the good food, nice wines, friendly waitstaff and management … and making our wedding reception an enjoyable, happy experience!
    Mark was a treat to work with. The food is fantastic (try the roast duck salad and the ravioli IMO).
    We have eaten dinner there, drank wine and now threw a great party.
    Thank you Brooklyn Heights Wine Bar. It’s a spot to check out for sure!

  • nabeguy

    Mark completely rules. Had lunch there with my wife on a quiet day, and nobody phoned it in, from the waiter to the chef. Perfect wine paired with perfect food. The gazpacho might have stood a hint of onion, but otherwise, the choices were exquisite. The tapanade is ambrosia, but is totally blown away by the mushroom/truffle crostini.

  • Homer Fink

    It’s really great. Mr. Scales and I had lunch there last week and the food was delish (not surprising Mark is an actual CHEF and I’m a huge fan of Jim/Cranberry’s), service top-notch. Superb. Well done gents.