NYT on Dock Street

The New York Times ran a story on the opposition to Two Trees’ Dock Street DUMBO project in its online edition on Friday (it ran in print yesterday), along with a nifty Flash graphic showing  before and after views from the Brooklyn Bridge:

New York Times: Mr. Walentas maintains that the opposition is being driven by people who would lose views from their condominiums and who are using hyped-up claims about the bridge to whip up sentiment against the project.

For his part, Mr. [Kristian] Roebling, who lives in Brooklyn and is the father of two young children, said the view from his apartment would not change. The proposed building, he said, is just too tall.

“It’s practically touching the bridge,” Mr. Roebling said.

Mr. Walentas said he needed the height of the building to pay for the school below.

“Sometimes we make what even I would agree is an obscene amount of money on certain projects,” Mr. Walentas said. “I think this project is the antithesis of that.”

Thanks to BHB contributor T.K. Small for pointing this piece out to us.

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