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  • Banet

    Well, it’s almost 5pm and still no posts so I’ll kick it off:

    The little lending library on the corner of Hicks and Grace Court Alley has been fairly empty as of late. Why not make a little room for the impending holiday gifts by clearing out a few old books and dropping them off?

    And for those who have been a little confused, you do not need to drop off a book to take a book. Nor do you need to return any book that you take. See a good book? Take it! Have some books you wanna get rid of? Drop them off. Simple as that. :-)

  • Red Leader

    Does it matter the kind of books? I’ll walk some down tonight.

  • Banet

    As long as they are books that you think someone would want to read, anything goes. But do please avoid books that are in tatters.

    Also, a dozen books were dropped off so there’s only room for about 10 more right now, so don’t haul too many! (Or wait until tomorrow – what’s there will go fast.)

  • MaggieO

    not neighborhood specific, but Hart Island is reopening for public walking tours by the public for the first time in 40 years! It’s kind of the anti-Greenwood Cemetery, final resting place of the unmarked, sometimes unknown or unwanted, unclaimed, impoverished.

  • Andrew Porter

    Building on the SE corner of Court and Joralemon in 1910, since replaced by the Municipal Building. I understood that a funeral parlor here had prepared the body of John Brown, the famous Abolitionist, for his funeral:

  • Banet

    As predicted, plenty of room now. Bring on the books!

  • AnnofOrange

    Moving Sale …. Saturday 11/18 and Sunday 11/19 10 am to 2 pm 32 Orange Street between Hicks and Willow. Furniture, antiques, collectibles, some kid’s furniture, household items. Come by and help me get ride of stuff that I’ve acquired over 47 years of living in the same house.

  • Banet

    Great news! Fines for overweight trucks on the BQE have kicked in. And warnings over the last three months have led to a huge reduction in overweight trucks. There’s a great graph in this press release:

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Ann, the Heights will miss you. What a great place to live for 47 years. I can commiserate since I too just moved this week after 43 years joyous years in the Heights. After BBP was completed there was no better place to live in NYC.
    Hope your new location brings you much happiness.

  • Mark Valdez

    Something is going on at Cadman Plaza post office! I dropped off a package last Monday, and it still has not left. I emailed and got this response: Unfortunately, our elevators are down and there no way to move the mail from the facility. We are in the process on fixing the issue. In the mean time just continue to track your package for any updates.

    They should stop accepting packages!!

  • Heights

    Did anyone else hear what sounded like an explosion around 3am this morning? I live on Hicks between Love Lane and Clark. I couldn’t pinpoint where it may have come from. Heard fire trucks a few minutes later.

  • Andrew Porter

    Post I got from the BHA:

    Missing Mailboxes: Have you noticed some United States Postal Service mailboxes have disappeared? So have we!

    The BHA reported this mystery earlier this week to Rep. Dan Goldman’s office, and we have learned that the USPS removed these collection boxes due to recent mail theft and tampering related incidents. Unfortunately, these boxes will not be replaced.

    However, USPS has assured us that there are secure mailboxes located within a 1-3 block range for each of the boxes removed. Please email the BHA if you would like a complete list.

  • Sweeties

    This is standard operating procedure (SOP). USPS tracking is broken in general. But, I had a priority, recorded, etc, etc, to midtown, a couple of years ago. It took over a week for it to register on the USPS site. Thankfully, it got there. Cadman Plaza PO should be better, but after the wrangling over the past 12 years, this may be as good as it gets. At least they took down the LED signs, that having been showing the wrong date/time for over 10 years!

  • Sweeties

    I just noticed the one on Clark & Hicks turned from Blue to Green, and so, unusable.
    This is a shame. I don’t know where the nearest one to that intersection is now.

  • Michelle

    Where are people going these days? I would think that Brooklyn Heights is a great place for older people being that it is very walkable and has all the amenities. I would love to grow older in a 1 BR.

  • Andrew Porter

    When I moved here in 1968 I never thought I’d be in the same place 55 years later. My landlord would love to see me move, but not gonna happen, until they take me out, feet first.

    BH is a NORC (Google it)!

  • Andrew Porter

    Karl, are you still in BH?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Agree Andrew except in my case I had to walk 3 flights of stairs with groceries etc.

    Where I live now I have an elevator and food stores are abundant less than a half a block away like Trader Joe’s, City Point market and Target. Will miss BBP tremendously and walking around Willow and the fruit streets for exercise.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    No, Downtown Brooklyn amongst all the new tall residences off Flatbush Extension. It is amazing the modernization of this area with very attractive architecture. Once Willoughby Park is completed it will be very impressive. Went to the Alamo Draft House the other day and it was amazing. Great movie theater, highly recommend. Also, enjoyed Katz’s Deli at City Point. I use to frequent weekly when in High School in late 60’s.
    Also only 11 minute walk from the Heights so not totally estranged. hehe.

  • Banet

    Karl, we’ll miss you but you landed on a great location. I’ve been going to movies at the Alamo since it opened maybe… almost a decade ago? I’ve seen well over 75 movies there now.

    Make sure to get their monthly pass – it brings the cost way, way down for frequent fliers. Also, they show all sorts of older movies as one-offs so keep a close eye on their website.

    McNally-Jackson bookstore, on the first floor of City Point is a great bookstore. There are also great movies at BAM, which isn’t far at all. Great theater and dance over there as well, though it can get pricey.

  • Effective Presenter

    Brooklyn Heights is a GREAT place to retire.

    Heights and Hill provides all kinds of services and opportunities, walking, no need to drive or own a costly vehicle.

    We know crime will be a BIG issue in the next election of Mayor, Governor. , with crime contained, Brooklyn Heights is the greatest place to retire.

  • Effective Presenter

    We are very happy that you have a beautiful, wonderful thing and that is a Rent Stabilized or Rent Controlled apartment.

    Our best wishes to you and hopes that you live to 110 years old in Brooklyn Heights

  • Effective Presenter

    ALL the development in downtown Brooklyn in the last 30 years and still NO Aquatic Center.

    We need an Aquatic Center like Asphalt Green near Gracie Mansion that opens st 5am to 11pm a real Olympic pool NOT a health club pool, NOT a hotel pool we need a HUGE deep pool.

  • Nomcebo Manzini

    Spoken like someone either way younger than the folks who made the move – KJ mentions one factor in his decision – or someone who’s aging w/o some of the many issues that tend to crop up.

    The NYT has either purposely or coincidentally had a few columns in the last month or 2 that address SOME of those many issues, and while almost every person over 50 – anywhere – answers polls asking, “Where would you like to be in 10-20 years?” with some variant of “pretty much, where I am now!” I’ll bet that even in a community (ours) that’s above average in things like good self-care, by 70 or so, a full 50% no longer have such an uncomplicated objective.

    B.H. has LOTS going for it, but things like (yes, it varies from person to person) cost of living, closeness to family, health, hating NY summers or winters, etc., make it the rare bird who makes it to 50 years in Bklyn Hts.

    Somewhat related, what can and can’t be taken care of at Langone on Atlantic?

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Haha Nomcebo, were you following me today? I went to Langone on Atlantic today for a bone density test. The place is perfect and brand new (Opened in April.). Service incredible and I have nothing but nice things to say. Wednesday I am going there again for a hearing test. It is a fantastic place.