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  • RickP

    Is that 56 Pierrepont?

  • Karl Junkersfeld


  • Mary Kim

    Happy Wednesday everyone! Two things:
    Chama Mama on Montague is opening today.
    Spirit Halloween is moving into the CVS space on Montague.

  • AEB
  • Banet

    Another empty space in the neighborhood spoken for. The old Citibank space that goes from Montague through to Pierrepont is apparently going to be taken over by Saint Anne’s.

    They’re reportedly going to use it for classrooms, theater space and the relocation of their kindergarten (which is currently housed at First Presbyterian Church on Henry near Clark).

  • Rick

    Hi, Can anyone recommend a reliable laundry that picks up and delivers here in Brooklyn Heights? Not dry cleaning, just machine wash, dry and fold.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the foyer of the Crescent Club, at the corner of Pierrepont and Clinton, before it became St. Ann’s School. Photo from 1906 by the Wurts Bros.

    If anyone here went to St. Ann’s, what does it look like now?

  • fdh

    yeah, the one right next to Montague wine store.

  • Effective Presenter

    We had used thar laundry for years. I think Teresa of Teresa’s Restaurant now owns the laundry and the liquor store.

  • Banet

    Andrew, I think when you’re next walking by in the Fall you could walk in and take a peek. There’s a security desk that will stop you 5′ inside the door but you could just tell them you were curious as to how it changed over the decades and I bet they’ll let you look from the desk.

    How has it changed? It still has vestiges of the grand lobby but you have to look. They didn’t strip out the old charm simply for the sake of modernization but they added multiple rooms to the open space and inserted an entire new “2nd” floor that cuts the space in half. The ceiling is still above the new 2nd floor and the columns are still there (visible on the 2nd floor, not on the 1st I don’t think). Not sure about the floor or the mural.

  • RickP

    I lived there around 1970. Probably worth a peek through the door to see the built in grandfather’s clock in the hallway.

  • Jorale-man

    Anyone know what’s going on at the “Medical Arts” Building on Joralemon? I know – doctor’s offices. Anything else? There’s certainly no shortage of activity around there on weekdays.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s an NYC notice on the door of Henry’s End stating that the sidewalk shed directly in front of the place violates the rules and has to be replaced.

    I went to Le French Tart on Henry Street only to discover they’re closed for vacation. Merde!

  • Andrew Porter

    Carecube has reached a settlement with NYC to refund people charged for supposedly-free Covid tests. The City has the details:

  • RickP

    ChatGPT had this to say about 56 Pierrepont. I don’t know if it’s true.

    “As of my last update in September 2021, the Andrea Torrey White House, also known as 56 Pierrepont Street, holds significant historical and architectural importance in Brooklyn Heights, New York.

    Architectural Significance: The house was built in the 1850s and is an excellent example of the Italianate style of architecture, which was popular during that era. The Italianate style is characterized by its elegant and ornate features, including tall windows, decorative brackets, and elaborate cornices. The house’s design showcases the wealth and taste of its original occupants.

    Ownership: The house was owned by Andrea Torrey White, the wife of Alfred T. White. Alfred T. White was a successful businessman and a partner in the prominent shipping and trading firm “Grinnell, Minturn & Co.” The couple lived in the house and were well-regarded members of Brooklyn’s high society.

    Social and Philanthropic Involvement: Andrea Torrey White was known for her active involvement in various philanthropic endeavors and charitable causes. She was a patron of the arts and supported cultural and educational institutions. Her contributions helped fund the construction of libraries and schools in Brooklyn.

    Historical Preservation: The Andrea Torrey White House is part of the Brooklyn Heights Historic District, which was designated as a New York City Historic District in 1965 and later added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1966. The district’s designation aimed to preserve the neighborhood’s historic character and architectural integrity.

    Impact on Brooklyn Heights: The Andrea Torrey White House, along with other well-preserved brownstones in the area, contributes to the unique charm and character of Brooklyn Heights. The neighborhood is known for its tree-lined streets, historic homes, and a sense of community.

    Please note that there might have been further developments or additional information about the Andrea Torrey White House after my last update in 2021. For the latest information, it’s best to refer to local historical sources or organizations dedicated to preserving Brooklyn’s history.”


  • Claude Scales

    I once had a fantasy that, if you went into the lobby and looked at the directory, you’d see something like, Dr. Arthur Allen, Dr. Arthur Baker, Dr. Arthur Cohen, etc.

  • Downtown Dad

    If you are looking for a local community service opportunity that’s fun and outdoors, the Free Public Kayaking program at Brooklyn Bridge Park is looking for more volunteers. No prior experience is necessary, and from my experience the volunteers range in age from High Schoolers to the 70’s and the main tasks on the beach are getting kayakers set up with life jackets, helping people get in and out of kayaks and helping with set up and closing moving gear in and out of the Boathouse. Shifts are Wednesday & Thursday afternoons/early evenings and during the day Saturdays & Sundays. Besides meeting interesting New Yorkers, the skyline views and the satisfaction of enabling city dwellers (especially kids) to get their 1st taste for kayaking, other Volunteer perks include free kayak lessons & guided kayak trips to Red Hook & Greenpoint. Please check out the Brooklyn Bridge Park Boathouse Volunteer Link here for more info:

  • clarknt67

    Pity that the beautiful interior will no longer be available to the public.

  • Banet

    True, but I’m happy to hear it will be a school and not a CVS. Also, the theater will be open to the public during shows I would think.

  • William Gilbert

    Would rather it would remain a site that the public could visit. It is now just another Heights location lost to the general public. Sad.

  • Andrew Porter

    Coming back from Trader Joe’s today, I smashed my head on a tree-limb overhanging the sidewalk in front of 161 Clinton Street. They’ve tied a red rag around the offending limb, but that’s not good enough, IMHO.

    I have filed a complaint with 311:
    SR Submitted # 311-15351529

    From Google Streetview, here’s the offending tree:

  • MaggieO

    I know the limb well but have luckily avoided any run-ins. Sorry you were not so lucky. It’s definitely not ok.

  • Jorale-man

    Well, you never know!
    I think I’d rather visit a doctor practiced “medical science” than “medical art” – but maybe I’m nitpicking.

  • Jorale-man

    Has the city become more lax in tree trimming lately? I’ve noticed this quite a bit. The trees in front of 245 Henry (at Clinton) have been blocking most of the sidewalk this summer, for instance.

  • Andrew Porter

    I have many photos of the interior from a hundred years ago, which I’d been holding off posting.

    Will post them in coming weeks. Here’s one to start (click to enlarge):

  • Banet

    Wow. That skylight is LONG gone. Or covered up. Or something. Google satellite view does not show any vestige from above. Which is a good thing since the school likely will build a playground on the roof.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    All the money allocated for that has been transferred to the budget for new suits for the Mayor.

  • Effective Presenter

    Are you OK?

    Had the tree limb hurt you?

    We wish you a swift recovery.

  • Andrew Porter

    I think the operative phrase is, “a glancing blow.” Had a headache but it passed in a day.