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  • Michael McGrath

    Anybody know if there’s a story behind the “lapsing” of Noodle Pudding’s liquor license? I went this past Sunday night and it’s definitely not the same without the crowded bar and $17 bottle of house red – wondering if there was an infraction/punishment or if they simply forgot to renew it as one of the waiters claimed.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the 1940 tax photo of 9 Cranberry Street. The wall on the left is now a garage:

  • Andrew Porter
  • TeddyNYC

    I find it hard to believe that they would have forgotten something so vital to their business like a liquor license.

  • Mary Kim

    There’s probably nothing more interesting than they forgot to do all the bureaucratic steps to renew on time. The license has to be renewed every 2 years and in NYC, bars and restaurants have to notify their local community boards 30 days before applying for renewal. Hope they get the renewal soon!

  • Cranberry Beret

    The community board goes on vacation for July and August so if you have a summer renewal and can’t push it through early, you’re stuck waiting ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  • Andrew Porter

    I walked by today, was told that they hadn’t completed the necessary paperwork in time, but were working on it.

  • Diane Johnson
  • mac

    Can we talk about the ‘down’ escalator at High St (A/C) station. It’s out yet again..they rebuilt the thing not that many years ago. It’s amazing that the other 2 escalators are incapable of being reversed to at least have one down escalator functioning. I guess the same company that did the elevator work at Clark St lol.

  • Mike Suko

    OH do I agree with you…. And what’s worse – each station has a “station manager,” a former token booth attendant who maxed out at $70K or so salary, so the union got the City to create a “career path.” CAN YOU IMAGINE what the job description looks like? Is it so very complex that s/he can’t throw a switch when this all too frequent malfunction happens? … I get that if there were only one, it should go UP, but even NYC could not be so inept as to have ordered unidirectional escalators.

  • NeighboorHood

    The bar is OPEN!!! Let’s all stop by and help ‘em (and us) make up for lost drinks!😁