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  • kizz

    Last week, I spoke to someone affiliated with the building L&B Spumoni Gardens is supposedly opening up in. The scoop is that location was going to be their first franchised out location. That person that was going to run that first franchise bailed at the last minute to do something else at some other pizza parlor. So, there was some litigation going on. Now, Spumoni Gardens will be openings it up all under them as a second location – not franchised out. They just recently made the entrance handicap accessible, so things are still moving forward here.

  • kizz

    The scaffolding along Columbia Heights for the construction work going on at 124 Columbia Heights (see here: is being removed.

  • nomcebo manzini

    Thanks for both of those updates. I’m still aghast at the non-action re the 194 Columbia Hts building. This is Google’s first link – check the author and date:

    … but in the good news camp, I see that work IS resuming at 1 Monroe Place. While Lincoln Restler has done some great things and certainly serves his big constituency more than capably, it’s unfortunate that he’s dropped the ball on one item he campaigned on and one that affects all of his district & the City as a whole. The former is reforms in connection with empty storefronts. If – as I’ve read – it makes economic sense for owners to NOT RENT an empty space, we need legislation. Restler said as much when he was campaigning. Why nothing since he was elected?

    On the 2nd point, with rats a genuine health problem, derelict buildings like 194 C.H. should not stay that way for 10-20 years. True, real estate money plays a big role in the occasional seriously contested City Council race, but remedial legislation has a shot at passing unanimously. Plus, it would create jobs & housing – what’s not to love?!

  • A neighbor

    California communities have dealt effectively with landlords who don’t rent storefronts. They charge a tax at a certain point – and the stores fill up fast.

  • Mike Suko

    Yep. That was what Councilman Restler proposed. One has to assume that he learned quickly that it either couldn’t pass … or that it would get stuck in litigation for at least 8 years, at which time he’ll presumably be serving us in Albany, DC … or maybe be Public Advocate.

  • Andrew Porter

    10-20 years? Hah! 194 Columbia Heights has been derelict as long as I’ve lived here, now half a century. Although I’ve noticed this year that the windows on the Promenade side have been boarded up. Presumably the pigeons had stopped paying rent…

    Herr’s 192-94 in a 1940 tax photo when people actually lived there:

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s an architect’s drawing of the addition to 124 Columbia Heights, from July 24, 1946. Photo by the Wurts Bros.

  • Andrew Porter

    A body was found Wednesday morning in Cadman Plaza Park, at the corner of Tillary and Cadman Plaza West. Mary Frost has the story at The Eagle:

  • Jorale-man

    I noticed that the broken windows were covered up. Which means that someone actually went inside and lived to tell the tale. How that hasn’t been declared a public safety hazard yet is amazing. I guess brownstones were built to last crazy, neglectful owners.

  • Mark Stone

    BuzzNor is my main source of information about the latest news. At their website,, I’m always up to date on the latest news and important headlines. I highly recommend it!

  • kizz

    Poppy’s, a cafe/market/catering business based in Cobble Hill at 243 Degraw Street ( is opening a second location in Brooklyn Heights at 48 Henry Street where Cranberry’s used to be.

  • kizz

    They anticipate opening in fall 2023.

  • nomcebo manzini

    Looks GREAT (in photos) – have you shopped or eaten (location #1 is said to be a cafe/market) there? … If some of the spaces at Cranberry & Henry are said to be “jinxed,” the opposite is true of the old Cranberry’s location – a neighborhood favorite for at least 20 years!

  • Banet

    Their storefront is on the north side of Degraw between Clinton and Court (or maybe it’s Henry and Clinton?).

    It’s a very tasty, high-end coffee shop/bakery. A step or two up from the old Tazza. They also have catering platters that are very expensive but very good and very beautiful.

  • Jorale-man

    If appears the R station on Montague has reopened after a (much-needed) power wash and elevator replacement:

  • robertnill


  • clarknt67

    No need to knock it down. It probably will require a full gut renovation but the brickwork appears solid enough in any rate can be reinforced.

  • Wall

    I have never seen so many spotted lanternflies in the neighborhood. My backyard seems full of young ones (black with white spots). This is not gonna be a good summer…anyone noticed them?

  • nomcebo manzini

    Must reading if you care about the BQE. Short on pretty pictures that the author calls “eyewash,” but VERY long on all sorts of facts:

    If a non-trivial number of readers say, “Couldn’t get past the NYT paywall,” I’ll provide a non-NYT link (which I obviously don’t have as of now.)

  • Cranberry Beret

    Yes. Seen a ton of nymphs the last few weeks. Didn’t notice them last year, when the adults seemed to be everywhere by late summer. So agree that it’s going to be even worse this year.

  • TeddyNYC

    Yeah, landlords with empty storefronts in this city definitely would need more “motivation” to rent out their spaces.

  • Elizabeth
  • Jorale-man

    I hope you’re right there! It would be a tragic outcome otherwise.

  • KDHicks

    This is GREAT news! Will be good to have new and old favorites on Henry. Loving the new ice cream place as well.