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  • nomcebo manzini

    I’m afraid this week’s photo is “Meh” – Claude and his wife have set a very high bar, I hasten to add. For a visual treat with similar subject & even coloration, head to the Chapin playground where Middagh would meet Columbia Heights if it did. Somebody at the Parks Dept., I believe, picked well and got very lucky. There are some irises that have lasted and – as of yesterday – almost seemed to be ruling some kind of roost.

  • Jorale-man

    Not that anyone needs reminding, but stay alert while crossing at Clinton and Atlantic. Yesterday, as I was crossing Atlantic with the light, an SUV driver decided it was the perfect moment to enact an illegal U-turn at the red light, from the right lane, steps from my intended path, and over to the eastbound traffic. Slightly harrowing.

    Let’s face it, there’s no real enforcement of traffic laws in the city any more and that deadly intersection has gone from bad to worse. Be extra careful there.

  • stop bullies

    Greetings to our neighbors from The Music House.

    The Music House will be holding our 14th annual 4th Window Concert this year this Sunday, May 21st at 4PM, located at the corner of State Street and Henry Street in Brooklyn Heights.

    Our piano students will be performing original arrangements of classic songs by The Beatles, Pink Floyd, Meatloaf, Springsteen, Journey, The Doors, Aerosmith, Chili Peppers, and more. 2 Duets will close the concert, The Beatles Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight/The End and Meatloaf’s Paradise By The Dashboard Light.

    Save the date. We hope to see you there.

  • Effective Presenter

    We are happy that you are not hurt Jorale man

    The diver of the SUV should have been held accountable for the illegals U turn, etc.


  • Climate Avenger

    Not 100% BK Heights, but I think this article is pretty relevant when you think about the impact of traffic on the BQE and Atlantic Ave on air quality:

  • Jorale-man

    Thanks – I wonder if that intersection has cameras and if, in theory, the police could give out a ticket based on spotting behavior like that. I’m guessing it only tracks speeding.

    I don’t recall if this was shared here already but Ginia Bellafonte in the NYT recently had a good column in which she called out that intersection:

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s also lots of Cat Mint and Milkweed there; there’s more Mint (purple flowers) in the island at the Montague Street entrance to the Promenade.

    There is another kind of herb in the stand-alone boxes next to the house at the NE corner of Pineapple and Columbia Heights.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s 160 Montague Street, in a 1928 photo from the Wurts Brothers:

  • HenryLoL

    Wow – had no idea these little townhouses that face Henry are so expensive now!

  • Cranberry Beret

    The other day I saw a truck drive through a red light on Montague at Henry, and nearly hit someone in the crosswalk. This wasn’t a case where the light had just changed and the driver was trying to sneak by before oncoming traffic started. It was plain red and he must’ve been anxious to get the parking spot on the other side of the intersection that he breezed into, so he decided to simply drive through the red when he saw no cars coming. Pretty sure he was so focused on the spot that he didn’t even see the pedestrian.

    A traffic cop was standing at the intersection in full view of this incident and did nothing. This city is broken.

  • bkh neighbor

    Sushi Lin replacing Ozu on Clark St (and Henry). New sign up. I know they have a restaurant in Prospect Heights. Any info on this location?

  • Mike Suko

    My pet peeve are the “what laws?” scooters. I recognize that gig workers are not getting rich, and “time=money” would be a favorite tattoo if they chose to waste money on ink. I fear that Mayor Adams and the NYPD spares them for one of 2 awful reasons:

    a) it might look like “profiling,” even if the hospitalizations they cause every day are pretty much in line with the demographics of NYC.
    b) the same type of people who think parking is in the bill of rights would complain that “Here I am working at 9 PM and giving NYC a few $ that they’re no longer getting from office building owners, … and these bureaucrats are effectively starving me to death by ticketing the guy bringing me my spareribs for running a red light.”

  • Jorale-man

    Interesting. The scooters on sidewalks and running red lights have definitely become normalized. Five years ago, such behavior would have caused more of a stir. I suspect the NYPD are just trying avoid any confrontation with drivers, be they behind an SUV or a moped. I also suspect they calculated the number of deaths and injuries vs. the potentially fraught scenarios from traffic stops (which are indeed a problem) and decided it’s better let people drive as they wish.

  • KDHicks

    GREAT news — we need a good sushi spot around.

  • Andrew Porter

    About the break-in the north Heights: they caught the guy. Mary Frost at The Eagle has the story:

  • Andrew Porter

    Open Streets on Saturday, May 20th, has been cancelled due to expected wet weather:

  • Arch Stanton

    When you say “Traffic Cop” I assume you mean a Traffic Enforcement Agent, the ones who issue parking tickets and direct traffic. Most of them don’t have the authority issue moving violations, such as running a red light. Also, they are usually on foot so have no means of pursuing a vehicle, they are mostly unarmed and making such stops is potentially dangerous.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Not sure what type they were. FWIW, the “parking spot” the perp was rushing into was in front of a hydrant. So for the totality of this incident, even a TEA could’ve issued a parking violation. I might add, by walking 25′ across the street without need to pursue. Instead, they stared at the scene for about 15 seconds, then kept on walking.

  • Arch Stanton

    Might have been break time or something…

  • Andrew Porter