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Photo: Martha Foley

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  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s 162-64-66 Remsen Street on September 17th, 1949, in a photo from the Wurts Brothers:

  • Andrew Porter

    Ed Sheeran has leased a $36,000 a month apartment in the Pierhouse. Article is behind a paywall at the Wall Street Journal:

  • Nick

    Eastern athletic is due to be closing soon, i head a rumor a new gym will take it’s place. i’m concerned we might lose the remnants of the st George hotel pool– including beautiful original tile work. see here:

  • Banet

    Indeed, a new athletic facility with a stronger emphasis on squash is taking over. Not sure what it means for the rest of the space but man, a bigger pool would be such a boon for the neighborhood.

  • Banet

    Ok, time for a perennial topic. I’m looking for a new dentist and I’d love your opinions.

    I’m sick of schlepping to midtown for my dental work so I want someone within walking distance of Brooklyn Heights.

    And I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to the dentist so I want someone kind and gentle.

    And I’ve been to some pretty… dated facilities in the past so I want some place modern.

    Ideally someone on the young-ish side because I want to stick with this person for at least a few decades. And it would be nice if they were not a solo practice so there’s coverage in case of emergencies.

    I’ve heard about 3 so far and would love opinions on all of them — or anyone else I missed:

    Aimee Kraft at 21 Schermerhorn

    Dr. Bowers, who took over (or joined?) Doctor Moshman’s practice on Remsen

    Dr. Trac on Remsen Street

    Help me out here people! And thanks in advance.

  • Michael Klein

    Dr. Kraft is great. My family loves her.

  • Knight

    As a 15 year member, I say good riddance. The place has been falling apart for years. They pay less rent on their 75,000 square feet than Spear does on the old restaurant space yet they still nickel & dime as much as they can from their members. And the owners have never been kind nor generous towards their employees, just ask any of them.

  • MaggieO

    Brownstone Dentistry on Montague (formerly Brownstone Pediatric Dentistry) now takes adults. They have multiple dentists, modern facility, and have been great with my 7yo. I’ve never been as an adult.

  • T.K. Small

    On and off throughout today (Wednesday, May 3) I have been hearing and intermittent siren. To explain the noise, it sounds like the type of siren used to announce fires in upstate New York. As I write this, it just stopped, but I predict it will return… Has anyone else heard this unusual noise today?

  • JaneonOrange

    Love Dr. Bowers.

  • meschwar

    I also really like Dr Kraft.

  • meschwar

    I was never member, and my only experience is my kid’s swim lessons there.

    The lessons themselves were pretty good, but the signup process was an outdated awful nightmare.

  • Andrew Porter

    Written up here just a few weeks ago:

  • Andrew Porter

    Moshman (and his wife, who ran the office) retired; Bowers was part of the practice when it was bought. My dentist for several decades.

  • Effective Presenter

    Efforts to build a new pool had been submitted here to me on Open Thread a few months ago after my remarks about the need for a state of the art aquatic center open 5am to 11pm like Asphalt Green next to Gracie Mansion.

  • Effective Presenter

    The EAC has been a dump for a long time.

  • Mary Kim

    The folks at L&B Spumoni Gardens say they’re still waiting for permits from the City to open their Dumbo location. They’re hoping to open in early June 2023.

  • RickP

    In the 50’s my Dad would take me swimming in the winter. I recall thinking that was astonishing.

    I remember the gym, which had medicine balls, speed bag, heavy bag, a machine that rolled wooden cylinders over your buttocks and maybe steam cabinets, my memory is hazy on that. There was a steam room. You wore your locker key on an elastic type band on your wrist. I recall it as rundown looking. I also remember being surprised by men hanging around the shower and not understanding it.

  • Kit

    Whomever you choose, do NOT choose Hanson Place Dental. I won’t go into the questionable practices I experienced in its “care,” but trust me and stay far, far away.

  • HgtsShpr

    Aimee is absolutely wonderful, and still has extensive COVID protocols in place. An excellent dentist and diagnostician who will not try to sell you unnecessary work, a great human being, and she creates a safe environment for my wife and I (both immunocompromised) to take our masks off and get the care we need. My absolutely highest regard.

  • Banet

    Is she a solo practice? It worries me that if there’s an emergency she might be booked up or on vacation or such.

  • Hazel Fershleiser

    Dr. Chris Bowers at Comfortable Dental, formerly Moshman Dental, has been there 10 years. You could not ask for a kinder, more patient, dentist.

  • T.K. Small

    The aforementioned siren is at it again…

  • Banet

    Hazel, is Dr. Bowers the only dentists there or does he have colleagues as well?

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    Website here (with lots of people in photo):

  • Downtown Dad

    Well, it was nice while it lasted (for a couple of weeks)…was walking by Montague & Hicks this evening and it looked like workers were unloading the materials for new a sidewalk shed for the Bossert Hotel

  • HgtsShpr

    Yes, but I imagine she can recommend someone in the neighborhood as a Plan B for such occasions.

  • Banet

    Good idea. And actually the website lists two dentists – Dr. Bowers and the retired Dr. Moshman. That’s it. :-/

  • jennifer

    My family has been going to Dr Bowers and Dr Moshman for years and they are amazing! Best dentist practice that I have ever been to! From the booking of appointments to every single staff working there everything runs smoothly and everyone is nice and kind. My son even had a small cavity once and Dr Bowers was so gentle that my son fell asleep getting his cavity filled. I believe there is more than just Dr Bowers working now after Dr. Moshman retired although I always ask for Dr. Bowers. We have never had a problem getting a timely appointment when needed.