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  • Eliz

    Does anyone know what’s going into the Care Cube space on Montague (formerly Chocolate Works)?

  • Ozu – Wherefor art thou

    Or Ozu on Clark. Curtains just went up

  • Andrew Porter

    Your photo, Claude, reminds me as usual why I avoid the Promenade on weekends. A film crew certainly adds to the crush!

    I suspect there’s been enough turnover in Wednesday Open Thread readership for me to post older images, so here’s my photo of the Fulton Ferry area in 1983 (now 40 years ago, gasp!):

  • aarrrrrimapirate

    Did anyone else hear that the one actor from Home Alone 2: Lost in New York was arrested yesterday? Man, you just don’t know with some people…

  • RW

    When I passed by yesterday I spotted a sign outside I hadn’t noticed before that had the word “Laser” on it. I’m afraid I can’t remember the full name.

  • RW

    I’m really hoping Ozu’s remodeling and not closed for good. Their restaurant grading
    out front changed shortly after they closed to “Grade Pending”, which I took as a good sign that they were going to reopen.

  • Banet

    New little lending library on the corner of Hicks and Grace Court Alley. Just went up a few days ago.

    Seems like it’s already popular — I walk by twice daily and in just 3 days I’ve seen tons of books appear and disappear.

  • Chris

    Le Pain Quotidien on Court street ( previously Maison Kaiser) looks like they closed up shop –anyone have any news?

  • Sweeties

    Dayam! That was quick, no?

  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    Now I want ice cream.

    (People remember the days, before the food tent, when stretch limos would pull up and whole wedding parties tumble out to do their pictures, on the boards, by the water?)

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    The open, broken windows on the Promenade side of the horror house, aka 194 Columbia Heights, were boarded over recently. No word on whether the pigeons roosting there objected.

    You can read the long, sad history of the place in the archives here on the BHB:

  • MaggieO

    This is out of Heights but relevent to Heights parents – the Henry Street playgrounds (by old LICH) are apparently rat infested to the point where rats are semi-regularly climbing into strollers to grab snacks and a child may even have been bitten. it’s especially bad in the little kid playground.

  • KDHicks

    Just what we need … a third (?) laser hair removal store on Montague!

  • KDHicks

    What! Stuff of nightmares right here.

  • Moni

    Rats are out of control. Don’t walk at night past the corner of Montague & Henry toward Remsen. The trash filled lot is alive with big rats. No one seems to care about this eyesore which has existed for years and got worse with the fire .

  • clarknt67

    Thanks. I have some books to donate.