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  • KDHicks

    Just stumbled across this — anyone have additional intel on the Bossert becoming a PUBLIC hotel? Would be great for the neighborhood

  • Banet

    Has anyone eaten at Tagine, the new-ish higher end middle eastern restaurant on the south side of Atlantic? (Boy, do I miss Chowhound!)

  • Steve R. (a lot of us CH folk are there)

    But, no, haven’t eaten at Tagine yet. I just assumed that it was the same owners re-branding, but I think that’s incorrect.

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s “public” and there’s Public; one means open to the public, the other is a hotel brand. Note the article is over 6 weeks old, so already likely obsolete.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the Manhattan skyline from Brooklyn in 1954, in a color photo showing the warehouses along Furman Street in the foreground:

  • KDHicks

    I meant Public the brand of course! And, yes, wondering if any new news there.

  • gc

    Looks like ice in the East River.
    Haven’t seen that in quite some time.

  • FatFreddy’sCatheter


  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    Yes, I had to look it up–“Aren’t all such hotels public?” The all-caps reference hid the telltale initial capital letter, but now I know. I hope I don’t forget…

  • Jorale-man

    The latest (reported) Covid numbers for 11201:
    ZIP Code:11201
    Dates: March 13-March 19
    7-day percent positive: 3.23%
    People tested (reported to date): 372
    New people positive (reported to date): 12
    Cases and hospitalizations are down overall but: #CovidIsntOver

  • Banet

    Yeah, I check Hungry Onion once in a blue moon. That all 5 boroughs are lumped together and that there’s so little traffic there makes it far less lively or relevant. :-/

  • RW

    I ate there in early February. It really looks like a rebranding. The menus we ordered off of still said Sultan. And at that time I would describe it as “no frills” not “higher end”. The walls had been freshly painted gray. Nothing much on the walls. I mostly remember a lot of gray. That being said, the chicken tagine and the service were both very good. I wouldn’t have a problem going there again.

  • Victoria S

    I’m new to Brooklyn Heights and just stumbled upon this blog while looking up more about the neighborhood online. Any recommendations or tips are welcome. :) Happy and excited to be here.

  • BHparkgoer

    Does anyone know when they will replace the turf at Cadman Plaza? will they finally ban dogs?

    Also does anyone know if they plan to replace turf at McLaughlin Park?

  • Andrew Porter

    Many links if you Google “Cadman Plaza Park Renovation,” too numerous to list here.

    I admit to never having gone to McLaughlin Park, which is a long way from where I live.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    Thieves are stealing checks from all the street collection mailboxes in the Heights, reports the Eagle. Then they rewrite them for vastly larger sums of money. Every single collection box on Henry and Hicks has been targeted.

    Eagle article here:

    Note: I only mail checks inside the main PO—not even in the collection box outside the PO.

  • RickP

    Youtube videos of Heights walking tours. Go to the Historical Society on Pierrepont and pick up a book on Heights history. There’s’ one that covers many of the oldest buildings in the Heights with a good bit of architectural detail. Then, as you walk around you can identify things that might otherwise go unnoticed.

    Little things like doors in the sidewalk that were used for coal delivery, or certain kinds of metalwork or stonework. Telling the very oldest buildings from the somewhat newer ones by materials and style.

    Who lived where. Abraham Lincoln’s connection to the Heights. George Washington’s. The Underground Railway. The Revolutionary War Battle. That Love Lane was the sally port to a fort. Where Jackie Robinson signed his Dodgers contract. Where Marilyn Monroe stayed. The fight for historic presevation. On and on.

    Makes daily existrence just a bit richer.

  • Effective Presenter

    Soon after we moved into our home on Montague Terrace the very old coal shute caved in, the sidewalk collapsed.

    A costly repair to have the relic filled with cement and the sidewalk repairs.

    We have the steel cap an antique relic walked over each day by thousands for decades now a GREAT conversational piece in our home.


  • gc

    I moved here in 1958. Any of you recall the nice movie theater located on Pineapple Walk?

  • lien49

    Not sure I ever considered it “nice” by the time I first I visited ca. 1955, but it was the only show in town if you didn’t want to deal with the bigger downtown venues and their crowds.

    One downside was the ever-present, flashlight-wielding matron, to keep the youngsters in check.

  • gc

    Thank you so much for your reply to my question and all the great photos!!