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  • Andrew Porter

    Today I realized that your reference to “Highland Park” is to a NY Times article.

    Highland Park is in Cypress Hills. Perhaps you’d like to complain about noise in some other area, also miles away from the Heights?

  • Effective Presenter

    TK Small owns a car, and a driver, a NYC DOT Handicapped Parking Permit, etc,

    This guy gets around!

    Years ago, up in Albany, NY the Legislative Office Building in a winter snowstorm, my path crossed that of the esteemed TK Small, Esq.

  • RickP

    I recall, fondly, the pharmacist that used to be at Montague and Hicks, across from the Bossert. Right on the corner. Does anyone recall the name of the owner? I remember him as very kind.

  • Banet

    Why not transfer your scrips to one of the independent pharmacies? Or at least ask what the prices would be? I much rather the meager profits from your peels tips stay local than go to CVS shareholders nationwide.

  • BQE monitor
  • Andrew Porter

    St. Francis College has dropped its entire athletics program, and many people have been fired.

    Also, the $200 million sale of the former campus on Remsen has fallen through, and SFC is on shaky ground.

    The Eagle has the story, here:

  • Wendy E

    Has anyone heard any updates on a reopening date for the Court St station entrances on Montague? I read that the new Clark St station elevators have a lot of problems which is partly responsible for the delay but it’s now months overdue. Really ready for the Montague St entrances to reopen. Thank you for any insights!

  • B.

    I could. My referring to the nuns was merely a way of calling attention to the increasingly oblivious behavior of New Yorkers everywhere. Shouting is the new conversational tone. Bellowing and inane singing at 4AM comprise the new normal.