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  • Mike Suko

    In the minimum # of words for me – IF ONLY … something like this comes to pass!

    I’m more than a little surprised that Ms. Birnback of the BHA seemingly rushed to disparage the plan. Can anyone doubt that “something needs to be done” and that “repair in place” – MAYBE, it’s theoretically possible – might be (heaven knows that I don’t know!) even worse than the alternative now seemingly having DOT support.

    It’s easy to applaud the fact that some of Marc Wouters’ designs miraculously have been adopted by the DOT. He *did* outline the arduous task of getting from where we are to something like what’s now being contemplated, and it DID NOT contemplate that there’d be a “no driving through 11201″ ordinance in effect for a year or 2. My read is that any of the 3 alternatives are so dreamy (in a good way) that they would be “worth the pain.”

  • Andrew Porter

    The link takes you to an article titled, “City May Build A Temporary Highway Through Brooklyn Heights After All.”

    Wish you’d made that clear before posting your comment.

    I am sure that there will be a separate post about this on the BHB.

  • Andrew Porter

    Here’s the Brooklyn Bridge in 1900 looking toward Brooklyn, showing trolleys, traffic. August Loeffler photo:

  • Andrew Porter

    There’s a new novel, “Pineapple Street,” coming out March 7th, with references to many buildings and businesses in the Heights.

    I shudder to think that it could do for BH what “Sex and the City” did for (or to) the West Village: flood it with hordes of tourists.

    “The question … is whether the book, which comes out March 7 with an announced first printing of 50,000, could emerge as a “Sex and the City” that gets its sugar rush not at Magnolia Bakery but at Le French Tart… the novel is under option as a TV series…”

    New York Times article with many photos of BH here:

  • Kit

    Interesting that there is a distinct partial fingerprint to the right of the Brooklyn anchorage of the bridge.

  • Cranberry Beret

    The first rule of Pineapple Street is: you do not talk about Pineapple Street.

  • Jorale-man

    It’s been a while since the last pandemic update from your BHB healthcare correspondent. Here’s what the numbers say (as usual, a big under-report):
    ZIP Code:11201
    Dates: February 21-February 27
    7-day percent positive: 4.17%
    People tested (reported to date): 384
    New people positive (reported to date): 16

  • gc

    I lived on Pineapple Street from 1959 to April 1976 when I married a moved to a street with a view instead of the backside of the St. George Hotel. Nothing unusual in that street was a Gay bar and very quiet. A quiet Street in general Warehouses still there with cargo ships. Look forward to reading the book. Tourists Most welcome as they will help the local businesses!!;

  • Mike Suko

    And because it’s been a while, I think you do well – and I say this with no rancor – to remind us what is your point? … I suspect it’s to remind us that the disease has not been eradicated. It’s hard to imagine that even 1% of our population believes the opposite, … so are you recommending that some/many/most readers change their behavior?

  • Andrew Porter

    Hey, could be worse: have you been watching “The Last of Us” on HBO? Fast zombies! Who knew?

    Be careful what you wish for:

  • Andrew Porter

    Long article and many photos by Mary Frost on the Eagle website about the BQE and the possibilities the Promenade will go away. Note my comment at the end:

  • Banet

    Another new business coming to Montague Street!

    In the space on the corner of Montague and Henry, above the Thai restaurant, where are the eyeglass shop was at for all of about two months, is… wait for it… a Fred Astaire dance studio!

    I can’t imagine this is going to be very welcome by the restaurant downstairs. :-/

  • Jorale-man

    The point is the share information with fellow readers, just as others do here, including Andrew Porter, Banet, and Cassie Von Montague. I make no behavioral recommendations, though I personally still follow some precautions in daily life (wearing a mask in busy indoor spaces, avoiding indoor dining). But to each his or her own.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Mayor Adams to Brooklyn Heights: Drop Dead

    He’s playing sleazy politics to do an end-run around the exposed-as-sham “Community Visioning” process. He wants to ram through his preferred solution for the BQE repair: build it back bigger! Same guy who thought it was a God-given right to park his cars on Borough Hall Plaza – who would’ve guessed?!

    Mary Frost at the Eagle has the scoop

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    Didja see my comment there?

    “…Shining a light onto political chicanery of the first order!

    “Adams will be a one term Mayor. He’s more concerned with hiring cronies and wearing nice suits than the people he was elected to serve.

    “Every day, I am more and more sorry that he was elected, instead of Kathryn Garcia!”

  • MaggieO

    I noticed that the “for lease” signs aren’t up on the old Barnes and noble storefront anymore. Anybody know whether there has been a change there? New owner? New tenant coming?

  • Effective Presenter

    We have not seen a post from Ms. Von Montague , Cassie Von Montague in some time?

    Our best wishes to Ms. Von Montague.

  • Claude Scales

    I just noticed (it’s now Sunday) that when I posted this OTW on Tuesday I left the “s” out of Wednesday on the headline. Thanks to all for not giving me the mockery I deserved. By way of extenuation, I’ll say that it’s what can happen at 11:55 PM after a long day of reviewing documents and two snifters of Armagnac.

  • FatFreddy’sCatheter

    Deserved? No! Mockery? We would never!

    [Seinfeld clip]

  • Claude Scales

    No mockery will get you through times of no money better than money will get you through times of mockery.