Community Board 2 Seeks Comments on Funding Priorities

This coming Monday, January 30 from 6:00 to 7:30 p.m., Brooklyn Community Board 2, which includes Brooklyn Heights, will have a public Zoom meeting to invite comments on CB 2’s “Community District Needs Statement” and city agencies’ responses to those needs. CB 2’s needs, and the agency responses, can be seen here at pages 24-50. Some of these needs are of particular interest to Brooklyn Heights: “High Street Station flooding mitigation” (Capital Budget priority 07, page 26); “More air quality monitoring equipment … along the BQE” (priority 09, page 27); “Repair the roof and parapets of the Brooklyn War Memorial” located in Cadman Park (priority 18, page 31); “More traffic cameras, CCTV, noise monitors, and other AUTOMATED enforcement technology at every major intersection” (priority 24, page 34): “Fix the detector on the automatic sprinkler at Walt Whitman Park” (priority 27, page 35); “Consider trash/recycling/compost stations that act as bollards to protect pedestrian crossings” (priority 28, page 35); “More bike racks on our 8 BID corridors and near all subway entrances” (priority 29, page 35); “Atlantic Avenue needs to be redesigned” (priority 31, page 36); “State Street needs to be redesigned” (priority 34. page 37); “Renovation of the Hillside Dog Park” (priority 37, page 38); “Provide more on-street trash cans and recycling containers” (Expense Budget priority 07, page 43; “Extend library hours or expand and enhance library programs” at Brooklyn Heights BPL (priority 11, page 44; “Resident parking program pilot” (priority 20, page 48); “Provide or expand community composting programs” (priority 21, page 48); “Hire additional crossing guards” (priority 22, page 48); “Animal and pest control requests including reducing rat and mosquito populations” (priority 24, page 49); and “Hire additional traffic enforcement agents” (priority 25, page 49).

There’s more information and you may join the meeting here.

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