New Tailored Pet opens Saturday

(BHB/Sarah Portlock)

(BHB/Sarah Portlock)

We got a sneak peak inside the new Tailored Pet — now named Rocco and Jezebel for Pets — before its grand opening on Saturday. They’re still setting up shop and finishing the paintwork, but some photos are posted below.

Tomorrow, doors will open at 8:30 am and owner Andrea Demetropoulos will host a party with food and drink for humans and treats for the furry ones until 6:30 pm. The shop is at 89 Pineapple Walk, between Henry Street and Cadman Plaza West. For info, call (718) 855-8686.

Demetropoulos said she looks forward to working with the community and adding any services that people need. Currently, she will offer grooming, boarding, and in-house (that is, at the pet owners’ house) dog and cat sitting and grooming, pick up and delivery, and a senior citizen’s day. Also, should residents need someone to watch over Fido for the day or afternoon, Demetropoulos said she has the resources to do that, too.

The new shop comes after owner Serena Bellino died in December, and a longtime friend and employee Demetropoulos decided she wanted to continue Bellino’s legacy and keep the shop open. Tomorrow’s festivities will also serve as a memorial of sorts for Bellino.

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  • melanie hope greenberg

    So bright and colorful. Fits right in with the toy store next to it.
    Very attractive. All the Best

  • http://toren Junkman

    I am really impressed with this new establishment. The fact that it is owned and operated by long time Heights residents is a big plus. Living in the Heights for 28 years, I concede I’m a bit provincial in my thinking but I love the divergent pet supplies this store carries. Beautiful products from Milan Italy to home made pet toys from South America placed beside treats and food from a Brooklyn entrepreneur from Red Hook with selections for your dog such as Brooklyn Pizza sets this store apart. Also, the packaging of all these products, as was mentioned earlier, are bright and colorful.

    The main thrust of this business, though, will be its catering to the neighborhoods need for an affordable place to board your dog during a summer vacation along with dog grooming by an expert dog groomer who worked at the prior establishment, Tailored Pet. Did I mention that they will also offer dog walking services? This is the perfect neighborhood pet store for all in one service.

    I realize that this may sound like a marketing brochure for Rocco and Jezebel but I’m just really happy for both John and Andrea. This shop will reflect all that is super with Brooklyn Heights and its great community of individuals.

  • since47

    Great luck with the store, John and Andrea – it looks beautiful!

  • heightsdiho

    The new shop is really beautiful and Andrea and John are so welcoming. I wish them every success w/ the new venture. I’ll bet Serena would be very pleased that they are taking over the shop and putting their own stamp on it.