Hunt’s Lane Construction Update

For those of you who have been suffering the sound of jackhammers as a wake-up call for the past two months, there is actually some progress on Hunt’s Lane. Although the emergency sewer drainpipe seemed almost finished a month ago, residents were treated to a second digging.

This time the water main was being repaired. Hunt’s Lane residents found the width of the street was now being opened as well as the length spreading past 2 Hunts Lane. Large planks of wood were left sticking out of the lane and few were happy.

The past two weeks construction spread into Henry Street down to Joralemon Street. This week water was turned off twice for eight hours. 

The workers said today it will be, you guessed it, two more weeks. Seriously. In order to reach that deadline, construction will continue on Saturdays. Water will be turned off at 8AM again tomorrow lasting a possible 8 hours.

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