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  • Cranberry Beret

    Any news on the Brooklyn Roasting Company coming to One Clinton? Is this still happening? The library is open, the condo construction looks like it’s wrapping up. From the pic in last year’s news report, appears the space is on the Clinton Street side. Seems low foot-traffic to me but what do I know…

  • Matt

    It opened last week. The entrance is on Clinton Street side of the building.

  • Andrew Porter
  • Cranberry Beret

    Interesting, thanks for update!
    I wish them the best, but continue to think this is a dud location. I walk up & down Cadman by Tillary/Clinton every day and had no idea they had progressed on the Clinton side. Don’t see too many people going down that block of Clinton except those who live/work/go to school within 1 block. I’m pleasantly surprised the developer included the library in the glassed-in triangle at the corner, because to me that would’ve seemed the much more viable commercial space.

  • Mike Suko

    It’s CPW that is a commercial wasteland – and has been for far too long. Foot traffic isn’t everything. Like you, I’m strictly an amateur when it comes to commercial real estate, but this much I know. For all that it may seem that the people using laptops are ripping off places like Joe’s on Hicks, given how low the operating costs are, if they buy $10-20 of food/bevg over 4-8 hours, it’s a win-win…. When a place is strictly for take-out … and the rent is presumably steep, I’m with you as to questions about the econmics. But this is an experienced operator – previous fin’l gaffes notwithstanding. If they can count on – and that’s a big IF – significant business from the folks upstairs from them, they’ll do fine.

  • Jorale-man

    Some info on the Borough Hall Holiday Market.

    It claims it’s open until 8pm but I walked over tonight at 7pm and things were just about closed up. Would be nice if they can get more of an evening ambience like European markets – perhaps add some more festive lighting, hot chocolate, and dare I say, some carolers or a brass band?

  • AndyHeights

    I see an article today on planned improvements to the Borough Hall subway station, but I was wondering if there is a progress report on the Court Street Station for the R train on Montague and Clinton? When construction of the new elevators began, the sign outside said planned completion in fourth quarter of 2022. Today is December 1 so we are well into the fourth quarter. Exiting on Court and Montague is not convenient as you need to use the back of the station and walk two flights of steps, when the escalator is not working, which is too often, and then a ramp to the exit, and up another flight of stairs. Clinton and Montague is a much more convenient exit for me, especially with new elevators. Hopefully it will be completed soon!

  • Andrew Porter

    I read recently that the work is proceeding slower than expected, and reopening has been pushed back by several months. I think this was a note from the BHA, but can’t find a link.

  • MaggieO

    I think they’ll likely get significant business from folks going to/from events and playdates at Cadman Plaza Park as well.

  • MaggieO

    Just saw this linked from Brownstoner. Anyone got the inside scoop on the Christmas tree kerfuffle on Montague?

  • nomcebo manzini

    Revised city bus service coming to Bklyn. The effects on the Hts – best I can see from a complex MTA document – e.g.,

    are limited, but – as a guess – the most “important” line serving us – the B25 – will NOT come anywhere near us after dark. Taking away the stop (ALL HOURS) across from 75 Henry is in keeping with “make bus trips faster,” but I’d expect pushback from people being told – “logically” – you can take the A-train after dark. (True, the B26, terminating at Tillary is your above-ground option.) I would have thought that DUMBO’s GROWING population and MAJOR importance re tourism would have insulated it, but I’m guessing that few turned out at the relevant meetings. I believe the changes are almost-but-not-quite GOING TO HAPPEN, so … we’ll see.

    I guess DUMBO residents are not big bus users, but it’s really NOT a fun [or even SAFE] walk from High Street to 1 Main, say.

  • AndyHeights

    Thank you for answering my question. At least I now know not to expect a re-opening of the Clinton Street exit anytime soon.

  • Downtown Dad

    Seeking some more neighborhood intel, this time for Holiday gift giving…any recommendations for BK Hts (or nearby) Day Spas for facials & massages?

  • Andrew Porter

    Proposal for new MTA Brooklyn Bus Map (save as pdf):

  • Montague Observer

    Saw a “Taboonette” Middleterranean Pocket Food where they old Five Guys was. Name sounds promising. Anyone have insight? Looks like they might have two Manhattan locations.

  • Jorale-man

    Yes, that said, the storefront could use a little more visibility – I had to really hunt to find it as I walked down that block the other day.

  • Andrew Porter

    I got a tiny sample cup of some super-rich hot chocolate there, and it was sooo delicious! I bought a small pumpkin pie from the stad in question.

    Very upscale market, no tube-sock sellers. Prices of goods for sale were not cheap. One stand, however, had Christmas ornaments made in Myanmar, presumably by companies associated with the government.

  • Andrew Porter

    I took a screenshot of the changes to the B25 near us. Click to enlarge:

  • MaggieO

    QC spa on governor’s Island