Curbed Eats Its Words About Montague St.

In a piece entitled Get in Losers, We’re Moving to Montague St., New York Magazine’s Curbed takes it all back. With the Books Are Magic announcement this week, the opening of Brooklyn Poets, and the Brooklyn Women’s Exchange opening soon, “Montague Street used to be drab, and now it is less so,” says Curbed. Also mentioned are this year’s openings of L’Appartement 4F, Blank Street Coffee, the children’s art center Le Meraviglie, Olive & Garlic, and Champions Martial Arts. If you’re not already subscribed, it’s worth paying $1 for a trial subscription to read this one and gloat.

Eat that, Curbed! Just kidding, we love you Curbed!


(Photo courtesy Montague BID)

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  • Andrew Porter

    I used to read the Curbed website all the time, but then they were bought by New York Magazine and placed behind a paywall, and I stopped.

    Curbed also had numerous other sites for specific cities, as well as an archive of great content—for instance, photo essays by Nathan Kensinger. All eliminated.

  • nomcebo manzini

    Remember that Curbed is – like most of the RE industry – a heckofa lot more aligned with the owners & sellers than toward those who PAY RENT. Of course, I wish the new “residents” of Montague well, but it certainly would be great if there was some transparency in the rental market. I.e., are rents p.s.f. coming down – dramatically – or what?… Great that the once 15+ spaces for rent are way down, but that makes the CVS and Loft [large spaces] vacancies stand out. Now that there are just 3 or 4 BIG “players” in NYC health & hospitals, I hope one can be persuaded to give our lovely part of Brooklyn a better option than 300 CPW or strictly for profit urgent care operations. Speaking of which, has anybody had any experiences with Langone on Atlantic they’re willing to share?

  • Jorale-man

    Funny that Curbed chose a photo of the long-closed Le Pain Quotidien as their shot of Montague St. I’m happy for Le Pain’s reemergence on Court Street, but it doesn’t have the outdoor ambience of the old location.

  • KDHicks

    This is just the best news — Books Are Magic on Montague couldn’t be a better fit. Cannot WAIT to support them!!