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  • CassieVonMontague

    “Young Man, we folks on The Heights are no different from anyone else.” (1968)

  • KDHicks

    Went to a yoga class this week at the new BodyCraft studio on Atlantic between Hicks and Henry:

    Highly recommend — great instructor, new and super clean studio. They have yoga, pilates and cardio classes. Terrific new addition to the neighborhood.

  • Rick

    That’s some take on the social makeup of BH! Thanks!

    I found a color version of it here that can be clicked on to make it large.

  • Jorale-man

    A pandemic update for 11201:
    Case numbers continue to climb in NYC, and this was before July 4th gatherings.
    Dates: June 27-July 3
    7-day percent positive: 14.96% [Up from 11.65% last week]
    People tested (reported to date): 1016
    New people positive (reported to date): 152

  • Mary Kim
  • Andrew Porter

    I didn’t know the problem was so bad. I noticed that the Key on Montague has a notice on the door about using a shopping basket, not loading items into your own bag before you go through the checkout.

    Months ago, I got tired of waiting for a cashier at the CVS, just walked out with the items I wanted to buy. But: several days later I came back with the empty packages, insisted they ring them up, and paid for them then.

  • Sandy McCroskey

    Aha! I was looking for razor blades today.

  • MaggieO

    I think i actually watched this happen at the Walgreens on Court/Atlantic last night. The staff at the register recognized him, referred to him as Mr. Pink, he came in with a backpack and a large tote and walked right back out within 3 minutes. I’ve also seen the bare shelves at the CVS on Court/Pacific. In the meantime the closures mean that the pharmacies that remain open are over-taxed and under-staffed.

  • Jorale-man

    I’ve given up trying to find things in CVS or Duane Reade anymore. Especially when things like shampoo are locked up behind glass cases. Say what you will of Amazon, it will deliver stuff quickly and usually at a competitive price.

  • aeshtron

    To begin to combat organized retail theft please contact your elected officials to express support for S96 the INFORM Consumers Act. S96 would require “online marketplaces to collect, verify, and disclose certain information from high-volume, third-party sellers.”

    Recently I saw the aftermath of what seemed to be a snatch and grab at Scotch & Soda on Washington Street.

    Thou shalt not steal.

  • Meh

    Nobody cares.

  • Andrew Porter

    Just harvested a bunch more old photos of places in and around the Heights. Here’s 62 Schermerhorn Street on October 28, 1928. That’s the Chanin Building on the right, built by the Chanin Brothers, who went on to erect the enormous Deco Chanin Building at 42nd Street and Lexington Avenue in Manhattan.

    See then/now photo in the reply:

  • Andrew Porter
  • Arch Stanton

    Apparently you do!

  • Arch Stanton

    I remember that illustration hanging in the window of a store on Montague St, back in the day. I can’t recall which store nor do I know if it was the original or just a print.
    LOL I should have zoomed in and read the caption first, I think it was Boro Photo.

  • HgtsShpr

    Um, speaking as half of an immunocompromised couple, I care a lot, and I wish more people did.

  • Cranberry Beret

    No doubt shoplifting is rampant now. But, the causes & effects are less clear. There have been reports that store closings are due much more to over-expansion than theft. (The article notes there had been 5 drugstores within a 2-block radius of Clinton/Montague but doesn’t explore whether that was economical.) Also, the bail reform argument is unproven. The article gives one short quote to an actual researcher who says “no link” and then multiple paragraphs to speculation from 1 store-owner and the NYPD about what their “gut” tells them.

  • Helene Gold

    I just spoke with someone from CVS about this problem. She said to contact CVS corporate to tell them about our dissatisfaction with the empty shelves and the need for them to provide adequate security to help curb the rampant shoplifting problem in this store. It’s sad that the neighborhood has to suffer with the lack of merchandise as well as the lack of employees to serve us. I have resorted to buying most of my pharmacy necessities online but prefer to support our local stores. Our local CVS needs our help.

  • KDHicks

    Wow, I just read this and it is *completely* crazy. I’m stunned that the stores are just giving up and closing because of this, if this is really the reason. Can our local reps / BID / orgs do anything to help navigate this? Imagine it’s also happening with small mom and pop shops as well and not just the chains. Really don’t want Amazon to become the only option by default. We need shops to succeed and flourish in our neighborhood!

  • CassieVonMontague

    I had bad flu-like symptoms for a week in the middle of June. 102° fever and cough. I took four at-home Covid tests, but all were negative. I couldn’t move to go get a proper test. Anyone else?

  • winchell’s cavanaugh

    Since I was only 3 when this was released – can someone please “annotate” the stereotypes portrayed here — why were they used to represent Heights residents? I think I can figure out the matron of the old family and the homosexual couple, but after that I got nothing.

  • Arch Stanton

    Notice the helicopter over the Battery? LOL

  • Caroline Hellman

    Greetings, neighbors. I am looking for an apartment in Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, or Red Hook, lease ideally beginning mid to end of August or 1 September. I have lived in the neighborhood since 2009 and can provide references. I am an academic, quiet and fastidious as a tenant. Would be interested in a 6 month sublet if available (unlikely, I recognize) or 1-year. Budget somewhat flexible. If you are aware of any possibilities I’d be grateful for the connection. Thank you!

  • William Gilbert

    Still wrong to do that. For heaven’s sake wait your turn like the rest of us. I’m 70 and manage, why can’t you? Geez, just who do you think you are?

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m older than you. Was having a medical problem, wasn’t going to wait around and use the self-checkout which I’ve never used anyway.

    Wrong, but I did come back later and pay for the items.