Inga’s Bar Rates Rave Times Review

Inga’s Bar, at 66 Hicks Street (corner of Cranberry) opened in March and has already received a glowing review from New York Times restaurant critic Pete Wells, who praises the innovative and delicious dishes emerging from its kitchen. He even lauds the cheeseburger, which your correspondent has enjoyed, calling it “a very good and unpretentious one” and noting that “the pickles are made on site.” The on line Times review, linked above, has a slide show of many of the kitchen’s creations. It also has a link to Mary Kim’s BHB story about 66 Hicks’ previous tenant, Jack the Horse Tavern, many of whose devotees, including your correspondent, may now find a home-away-from-home at Inga’s.

I went to Inga’s at five this (Wednesday) afternoon, its opening time, to congratulate the chef and owner, Sean Rembold, with whom I had enjoyed a conversation about our common loyalty to the Mets during my previous visit, without realizing who he was. He brought his floor and kitchen staffs together for a champagne toast (photo above) in celebration of their joint effort that had produced the Times review.

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  • Mike Suko

    Almost too much has been written about Inga’s in recent weeks – mostly, of course, in connection with the NYT review. I wish them well and they certainly are a great addition to the BH dining scene, that being rather more than my personal opinion.

    But – and this is neither good nor bad in my view – make no mistake. As a guess, the new owners never ate at JTH, … and there’s no reason to think that Sean & his wife asked the old owners for their thoughts. The new people march to a very different drummer, and any first-time-since-it-re-opened diners do well to come with an open mind. I’m guessing that many/most who do so will be pleased, but this is not a “tweak” – a new chef, say. This is “re-invention.” Those of us who live in the N. Heights LIKE the location that JTH and IB share, but that surely isn’t one of the top 5 reasons to like or dislike a restaurant.

  • Angelika Hubska

    The restaurant industry needs a reboot. The catering NYC has suffered a lot due to the pandemic. Closing indoor dining, limited staff, cutting of working hours, delivery and carryout, and other.