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  • Andrew Porter

    Remember the baby chicks in the window of the Brooklyn Union Gas building on Montague Street every Easter?

  • Effective Presenter

    Yes the annual Miracle of Life display an incubator hatched baby chicks, that had been an annual field trip for school children, an attraction in Brooklyn Heights for decades.

    Montague Street took a BIG hit when BUG moved to One MetroTech Center anchor tenant for MetroTech.

    We are happy that you remember the Miracle of Life exhibit thank you for your post Mr. Porter.


  • Andrew Porter

    And now, workers say it won’t be open for several days yet. Grump.

  • Andrew Porter

    Monday, on the way to Trader Joe’s, had a good look at the back of 132 Montague Street, visible from the driveway next to the church on the corner of Henry/Remsen.

    It’s been totally gutted, down to the bricks on the party wall with the next building. Only the facade, on Montague, is left.

    Anyone know what plans there are for reconstruction?

    Those buildings in 1940, from the NYC Municipal Archives:

  • gc

    Looks like a for rent sign in the middle building,
    lower level.