Listen to Mary Frost, Lara Birnback and Brooklyn Heights Neighbors on The Pulse Podcast

Remember that story of the hellish noise coming from Cadman Towers? Brooklyn Daily Eagle reporter Mary Frost’s coverage of the mystery was so captivating, an NPR podcast, The Pulse, covers it in this episode. You can hear Mary Frost, neighbors Wilson Burrous, Victoria Owens and Toba Potosky, and Brooklyn Heights Association’s Lara Birnback in the episode.

Last fall, a mysterious beeping noise started plaguing Brooklyn Heights — a noise that no one could identify, and no one could find. Reporter Liz Tung tells the story of how a neighborhood came together to track down the phantom beep, and why experts say noise pollution is so bad for our health. This story is based on an article originally reported by Mary Frost for the Brooklyn Eagle, ‘Search for the mysterious noise in Brooklyn turns into massive crowdsourced investigation.’


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  • Andrew Porter

    I listened; not much I didn’t already know. Nice to hear Mary Frosts’s voice. I admit I never heard the horrible sound. What I do hear, sometimes, esp at night, is perhaps a cellphone ring tone, somewhere nearby. Quite annoying when I’m trying to sleep.

    Here’s a GIF that gives a visual version of an annoying sound:

  • CassieVonMontague

    are you referring to the fog horn? it was going off last week

  • Andrew Porter

    No; I’m familiar with that—a charming sound, reminding us of NYC’s maritime history.

    This is obviously some sort of cellphone ringtone, several short, loud, electronic sounds, all the more audible because they’re at night, when other noises are muted.