Been Thinking of Adopting a Dog? Great Opportunity to Adopt Locally…

Akita for Adoption

Akita for Adoption

Over the past two days, two dogs have been abandoned at Hillside Dog Park.  They are currently being fostered in the nabe, and are available for adoption to good homes.

I’m fostering the Akita, which Akita Rescue believes is a full breed.  He’s male, and the vet estimates he’s between 4-5 years old.  He’s a gorgeous dog (see accompanying photo), and I’d love to keep him, but I’m only allowed one dog in my apartment.  I’ve had Akita (that’s what I call him) for two days, and this dog’s disposition is extraordinary.  He’s trained, good mannered, sweet, affectionate, mellow, and gets on well with people and other dogs.

The vet gave Akita a rabies and distemper inoculation, and we ran a heartworm and fecal exam and the tests are negative.  He’s in good shape, but was underfed when abandoned.  A few more days of good food and this dog will be in proper form.

Warning:  if you meet Akita you’re going to want to make him part of your life.  As Friends of Hillside Dog Park president, I see a lot of dogs, and they are all good, but Akita is exceptional.  He’ll make a great companion for someone who wants a big dog, but also one that’s laid back and well trained.  I think he’d do fine even in a small apartment.  Someone’s going to adopt a great dog.  If you’ve been thinking about it, and you want a big dog (he’s an underweight 72 lbs and will likely be at least 80lbs), he’s right here in Brooklyn Heights waiting to meet you.

Sweet puppy for adoption

Sweet puppy for adoption

The second dog is a beautiful and super-sweet black and white female Pit mix puppy, approximately 5 months old and 40lbs.   At first no one knew this dog was abandoned today because she was playing so well and actively with the other dogs at Hillside Dog Park. But it became apparent after many hours that the puppy’s prior owners intentionally left her. No tags, no microchip, no collar. She’s currently being fostered with a neighborhood family that already has a 10-month old puppy (and a 8 year old daughter), and won’t be able to foster this new pup for long.

As you’ll see from the photo, this pup is very sweet, playful, and is great with children and other dogs.  This is an active dog and will need a good amount of daily exercise (at least an hour at Hillside for some off-leash fun).

My fellow neighbors, the economic crisis is overflowing the animal shelters with abandoned dogs. There’s no room left.  Let’s take care of our own during these tough times, from our neighbors to our pups.

If you’ve been thinking of adopting, now’s the time–these dogs will make their new owners very happy.

For more information or for an interview to see one of these dogs, please contact me at Both dogs are being fostered in Brooklyn Heights.

You can see more photos of both dogs here: (you’ll need to log in with a Yahoo account)

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  • alex

    So sad. Do people regularly abandon dogs at Hillside?

  • Matthew Parker


    We haven’t had an abandoned dog at Hillside for over 2 years.

    However, two things are going on that might be causing this:

    1) The economic crisis.

    2) Two weeks ago the Public Housing Authority changed the rules for public housing residents limiting the size of dogs to under 45lbs, and also publishing a long list of banned breeds. To make matters worse, they only gave residents of public housing two days (!) to register their dogs to be grandfathered.

    I believe these two dynamics are causing many pet owners around the city to abandon their pets at record rates. The shelters are all full right now.

    I’m fostering the Akita and this dog is amazing and so beautiful! If you’ve every wanted an Akita or a big happy dog that’s obedient, trained, and friends, but also calm, this is the dog.

    Anyone interested in meeting Akita, please contact me at the email address listed in the posting. Thanks.

  • alex

    Thanks for the info Matthew, and for all you’re doing.

    I just adopted a dog a few weeks ago and have my hands full, but hopefully someone else will be able to welcome these dogs into their home.

  • bklyn20

    Mr. P, As you probably know my dog mailbox is full, but I heard about both of these dogs while at Hillside and the reviews were all great!

    Perhaps you could post them on, and possibly get The Brooklyn Paper or Heights Press to post pictures?? I suppose you have already contacted Akita owner R.M. about the big guy? Also, I am sure there is an Akita rescue — call the AKC in Manhattan to get the #.

    Sadly, I believe that the new NYCHA rules are even worse than you think — pre-existing pets must be 40lbs or under, and new ones must be 25 lbs or under!

  • The Where

    bklyn20, surely you’re joking about the Heights Press. Among my neighbors and friends in this area no one reads that paper but everyone reads this blog.

  • alex

    Post on too.

  • bklyn20

    I DO think the the BHP is a seriously lame paper — but some delusional people do read it — so maybe a pro bono ad would be helpful.

  • Snoopy

    Where, exactly, did this public housing rule come from? Who implemented it? Is it a rule or a law? And who, exactly enforces it? It is, perhaps, one of the crueler things I’ve heard in a while. Perhaps it is time for the Dog Lobby that was instrumental in getting the off-leash law passed, to adopt this issue. To arbitrarily impose a rule/law that bans all dogs over 45 lbs. is punitive and cruel and almost equivalent to banning all dogs from public housing.

    I did find this site, an Akita Sanctuary:

    Sadly, as the site indicates, due to the issues Matt related, even the Dog Rescues are refusing animals, although they may be able to help place in a foster home.

    The whole thing is so disheartening. Where is the supposed advocacy in NYC for both the animal and the disenfranchised? Where is the ASPCA? The Public Advocate? PETA? Why is it that the first we hear of this is when dogs start popping up abandoned?

  • Matthew Parker

    This new rule is primarily the work of Queens City Councilman Peter Vallone, who’s been hell bent on breed specific bans in NYC.

    NYS has a prohibition on any laws that are breed specific bans, so he pulled an end run and managed to convince the Public Housing Authority to change their regs, which apparently are not under NYS law, somehow.

    Here’s some press coverage from the day the story broke out of left field:

  • Jenny

    Hi everyone-

    We are still fostering the pitbull – she is a sweetheart and still needs a permanent home. She is approximately 8 months according to the vet, is up to date with her vaccinations and received a clean bill of health. Please contact me at if you or anyone you know may be interested in adopting her.