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  • CommentsSection

    Anyone know what’s filming at Borough Hall this morning?

  • Andrew Porter

    Nice photo, Claude! I’ve noticed over my decades here how the sun sets behind lower Manhattan in June (with sun on the southern tip of the Promenade), and over NJ in winter.

    And those Manhattan-in-darkness with lit office windows shots, only available around December 21st.

  • Andrew Porter

    This is the Heights in the late 1940s showing the progression of demolition for the BQE through the north Heights, with empty areas where all the buildings were demolished.

    At rear, demolition to carve out Cadman Plaza parks and other Robert Moses-inspired urban renewal/urban vandalism.

    Coincidentally, shows the dockside piers along Furman Street:

  • karateca2000

    Gothamist published a story about the fake subway house on Joralemon street. It has some interesting pictures.

  • kizz

    “Bull” on CBS

  • kizz

    The townhouse next door to it went on the market on Monday, February 7th. Notice the abnormally wide backyard because there is no neighbor residing there. See below for listing on Zillow:

  • elizabeth

    anyone tried felice yet?

  • Andrew Porter

    Post on the site 6sqft includes numerous photos of the interior of the house next door that’s for sale, and a couple of its backyard, which includes that of the phony house next door:

  • Andrew Porter

    Also at 90 Henry Street, according to woman pasting”set” sign up at the corner of Henry and Pineapple.

  • Claude Scales


  • ConcernedonHenry

    What do people think about the new Exotic Smoke Shop that just opened in the old laundry spot next to Henry St Ale House?

  • meschwar

    Why is it always the most boring stuff that films in BH.

  • CassieVonMontague

    “Untitled Viacom Project” was filming on Henry today. Sounds exciting!

  • CassieVonMontague

    Looks a lot nicer than Roll Up NYC on Montague Street. Better display of paraphernalia, and more eye-catching. It’s nice not to have to walk to Mikey’s Smoke Shop on Schermerhorn, which lets face it, was beginning to look a little down-at-the-heels. I’ve never been to the Clinton Smoke Shop next to Tea For Two. Has anyone tried that one?

  • KDHicks

    I was scrolling Twitter and saw someone just signed a lease at 144 Montague named “Brooklyn Poets” … *please* tell me this isn’t fake news / some kind of sarcastic LLC name and that there actually will be some kind of poetry association or poetry setting up shop on Montague!!

  • StudioBrooklyn

    The local businesses may come and go, some might stay, but we will forever be in search of the elusive sidewalk art that is not pedestrian. As artists we must constantly ask ourselves whether we are truly walking the walk.

  • Josh Appelbaum

    Not personally but I was disappointed to discover it’s a chain!

  • Ryan Whiting

    NY Mag posted an article this week on the struggling business inside the Clark St. Station. I’m kind of surprised it hasn’t been posted on this blog yet.

  • Josh Appelbaum

    Any news on when L’Appartement 4F is supposed to open on Montague? I saw someone in there doing work today.

  • RW

    I tried a couple weeks back, but there was a 3 hour wait without a reservation. It was packed!

  • More Places to Eat, Please

    Or about the Lobster Roll, Soup Dumplings and Korean Chicken?

  • CassieVonMontague

    Why, who makes much of a miracle?
    As to me I know of nothing else but miracles . . .

  • Claude Scales

    Stay tuned. Ace reporter Song Bird is on the job, getting her own perspective by talking to shop owners.

  • Bk guy

    Or cafe buen gusto on Clark (across the 2/3)?

  • Banet

    Ate there a few nights ago. Outside. DELICIOUS. And excellent service. But pricey!

    $200 for 4 people.

    1 fish entree, 2 pastas, one salad with chicken.

    2 desserts, 2 teas, 1 Pellegrino.

    No appetizers, no alcohol.

    $200 with a nice tip.

  • elizabeth

    Yeah, I was wondering how it tallied up. I knew it was part of the St. Ambroeus empire, and dinner at the WV location has often left me faintly stunned, depsite being delicious.

  • Andrew Porter
  • StudioBrooklyn

    The book was probably better.

  • kizz

    A construction worker tragically fell to their death from the rooftop at the condo conversion project happening at 122-136 Columbia Heights this Friday morning, February 11th.

  • nomcebo manzini

    I can shed (kind of) some light on CBG…. A “stop work” order was posted a month or 2 back. I’ll bet in these days of relative “transparency,” if you want to know you can find out whether the issue(s) was/were biggies or not. I’ll guess that there’s quite a backlog – there was an NPR story about Social Security offices STILL being closed, and – let’s face it – if you’re working in a Real Estate-related part of Municipal Govt, you are NOT someone who LOVES an empty inbox.