Proposed Connection to BBP is Wack


The Brooklyn Eagle printed the above rendering of one of the proposed connections from the nabe to Brooklyn Bridge Park.  What is this crap? Was this designed by the same person who did the sets for Woody Allen's Sleeper?

Actually it's Sam Schwartz PLLC.   

Brooklyn Eagle: Bridge Park Planners Stress Bikes, Buses, Ferries — But Not Cars: Changes to the entrances to Brooklyn Bridge Park at Old Fulton Street and Atlantic Avenue could add two acres of greenery to the area, create wider sidewalks, provide new exit ramps off the BQE and modify 150-yearold intersections.These were among the recommendations made by the Brooklyn Bridge Park Waterfront Local Development Corporation(LDC) on Tuesday night at a public meeting held in St. Francis College.The LDC has been charged with reviewing transportation and access opportunities to and from the park to reduce the use of autos. A preliminary report includes bike route improvements, bus route changes, and use of auxiliary buses and waterborne ferries. It also recommends a possible Clark Street subway connection and vertical connections to the Brooklyn Promenade.

Update from the full article:

For a long time, people have contemplated a tunnel connection between the proposed park and the Clark Street subway station, but the planners noted that to create a viable pedestrian tunnel would be “extremely expensive.” Renderings were nonetheless shown.

Discussions were also held about a connection between the Promenade to the park. If it is built at Montague Street, it could compromise the view plane from the Heights. An alternate plan would construct a bridge and ramp from Remsen Street down to the park.

After this week’s meeting, preparation and submission of a final set of preferred options are scheduled. Included may be some pilot studies, especially concerning shuttle bus connections. A final report should be released in late spring or early summer.


Image by Sam Schwartz PLLC via Brooklyn Eagle 

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  • wayne

    ugh, so ugly…

  • BP

    Just how does that fit in with the character of the rest of the nabe?

  • hkjh

    I really really want this park to be nice but geez I think it’s going to be a yucky Chelsea Piers kinda thing. I wish they’d just extend the Empire State Park (dumbo area) all the way around. Some trees, some piers, some grass.

  • punkitect

    What, you do not like steel inspired water towers? Water is a good way to get rid of steel.

  • I Love the Park

    Yeah it is not so pretty, but compared to how ugly the BQE is I can’t see why we can complain about this….

  • BP

    For the most part you can’t really see the BQE from the heights… although, I suppose you would be able to see it from the park.
    Still, this thing would probably have to be torn down whenever it is they have to replace the cantilevered portion of the BQE.

    As a resident of the St. George Tower, I am curious just how they think they could dig a tunnel to connect the park to the Clark St. Station. I’ve been told that in the days of the saltwater pool, the subway station elevators would stop 1/2 way and you could get out access the pool without having to go outside. I think those levels are still there and used for MTA employee lockers and whatnot (you can see them if you take the stairs). But such a passageway is quite different from a tunnel that would go all the way down to the waterfront.

  • fd

    They would have had to get an easement from the buildings along Clark were they to dig a tunnel. The most likely route would have been midblock between Clark and Pineapple.

    More problematic: they could either tunnel to Furman St, requiring parkgoers to cross Furman (which is supposed to be two-way once the park goes in, goodbye BQE bypass, and good-riddance) *or* they could tunnel under Furman, the problem with that being that it’s mostly fill there and you’d be under the water line.

    I have noticed that the pier by the tow lot (Pier 2?, opposite the National city Stores buildings) has been emptied out, and Strober looks like it is emptying out (though this may be a seasonal thing for them).