German Navy Ships at Pier 7

Germany’s naval might is on display at Pier 7, near the foot of Atlantic Avenue. As seen from the Promenade today are the Deutsche Marine combat support ship Frankfurt-am-Main on the north side of the pier, and the frigate Sachsen, whose conning tower can be seen in front of the legs of the distant Red Hook Container Port gantry, on the south side. More photos after the jump.


Top: Frankfurt-am-Main seen from the foot of Atlantic Avenue, looking across a stretch of Brooklyn Bridge Park under construction. Bottom: Sachsen seen from Columbia Street near the foot of Congress.

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  • GHB

    The ship looks really cool lit up at night!

  • Rocky

    Das Boot!

  • Monty

    Barack Obama is president for 100 days are we already being invaded by Germans. Cheney/Palin 2012!

  • Eason

    “Ze Germans are zatacking pier Zeven!!”

  • GHB

    If the Germans have invaded the Heights, what’s next? Cobble Hill? Carroll Gardens?

  • GHB

    …or will they go the inland route by taking Downtown, Fort Greene and across Flatbush Avenue to Park Slope? And if they do take Park Slope, maybe we can actually find out where exactly the borders are!

  • John Wentling

    First the French, now the Germans, what’s next, a Somali pirate skiff?

  • nobody

    In case you havent noticed we have invaded Brooklyn quite some time ago. The ships just came to bring us our favorite supplies aka Bier und Wurst and new undercover agents.

    Does anyone if they will be open to the public for a day?

  • Chantal Louise

    If somebody has even more great photos of the German ships from New York please announce!

  • mike

    does germannavy have a site on german carriers

  • nobody


    Go to Einheiten der Deutschen Marine on the top left box…As you can imagine though the site is in German…