Subway Service Alerts: Brooklyn Heights and Nearby

Note: This week, Claude is taking a break from deciphering the MTA’s weekend service changes (so you don’t have to), so we’re deciphering them (so Claude doesn’t have to (so you don’t have to))

This is a brief summary of this weekend’s subway service alerts that we think most directly affect the neighborhood. It is by no means a comprehensive exegesis of the MTA’s subway service alert bulletins. Please visit the official MTA website for the source text.

2,3: Due to “Structural Improvements”,  the Flatbush-bound 2 and the New Lots-bound 3 will be skipping Bergen Street, Grand Army Plaza, and the Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum stops, from 9:45pm Friday, to 5:00am Monday. So if you were planning on seeing the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s “Lightscape” this weekend, too bad! Get off at Franklin Avenue or find another route!

But that’s not all! The downtown-bound 2/3 will be running local in Manhattan from 96th to Chambers, the 2 will be running every 12 minutes during the day and early evenings, AND the 3 will NOT be running overnight!

And if you think that’s bad, wait until you read about the R.

R: Okay, if we’re understanding this correctly, the R will not be running at all in either direction between Whitehall/South Ferry and 59th Street in Brooklyn, from Friday Night (11:45pm) to Sunday morning (6:00am), and then Sunday Night to Monday Morning. On Sunday, between 6am and 11:45pm,  the Manhattan/Queens-bound R train will pretend to be an express Q train from Atlantic Avenue to Canal Street, skipping our local Court Street and Jay Street/Metrotech stops. This is all under the aegis of “Track Maintenance”. Best to avoid the R this weekend.

G: Not running between Hoyt-Schermerhorn and Church Avenue from early Friday night 9:30pm to Monday morning 5:00am. So if you enjoy that brief thrill of coming out of the tunnel, over the bridge, the view of the city from the highest rapid transit station in the world, and then back into darkness… sorry. Try the F.

F: Skipping Bergen, Carroll, and Smith-9th Streets in both directions. But at least you’ll have the view? Also, the F is not running in both directions between Church and Coney Island-Stillwell Avenues because of the Great Culver Line Signal Modernization Project of 2021/22. If you wanted to head to the Aquarium, try the Q.

4: The local evening/overnight Utica/New Lots Avenue-bound 4 will be skipping Bergen Street, Grand Army Plaza, and Eastern Parkway/Brooklyn Museum, each weekend night, similar to the 2 and the 3.

N: The local Astoria-bound N will also pretend to be a Q train weekend nights.



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