Woe a Little Less: Coming to Montague St. (Updated)

Now that the “drabness” of Montague St. has been exposed to all of NYC and beyond, and the community spilled its woes in this blog’s comments section in such spirited style that another blog directed its readers to it, let us look forward to less drabness with these soon-to-come offerings in the new year.

Olive + Garden Deli at 141 Montague St., formerly home to b.good, is expected to open by January/February according to Montague BID. A google search turned up no other info, but the name suggests a take out deli, if not all-you-can-eat salad and bread sticks.

Mad for Chicken at 80 Montague St., previously occupied by Teresa’s. At last estimate, the Korean fried chicken franchise with its menu that’s not just chicken will open by start of the new year.

BK Lobster at 142 Montague, where Ani Sushi used to be, with lobster rolls called “The Bed-Stuy Biggie” and “The Crown Heights Fried Lobster.” Check out the entire menu here and support this #blackownedbusiness.

Felice at 84 Montague St., the former Heights Cafe space. A sample of their expected menu:




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L’Appartement 4F, a French bakery born out of pandemic baking in a Cobble Hill apartment, has been in the works since summer. The latest update on their Instagram:

Din Soup Dumplings at 162 Montague St. above Lichee Nut and formerly Nanatori. Check out Claude’s post for efforts to unearth any details other than it’ll serve soup dumplings and a link to a lesson on how to eat said soup dumplings.

Also, from Montague BID: “We’d love your feedback about some of the points the writer and everyone interviewed brings up [in this article]. E-mail us at hellomontaguebid@gmail.com and let us know your thoughts.”

UPDATE: Pinto Brooklyn is no more at 128 Montague St. and is now Brooklyn Farm. The executive chef is the same Yo Teerawong Nanthavatsiri who was the chef at Pinto. Brooklyn Farm’s website and social media are not live yet, but Chef Yo made this announcement on his personal IG:

And the menu:



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  • BkSteve

    Anyone know what the deal is with Cafe Buen Gusto opening on Clark St?

  • Mark

    Just noticed that Pinto is now called Brooklyn Farm. Couldn’t find anything online though. I should have taken a picture of the menu…
    Anyone have more info?

  • Mary Kim

    Thanks for the heads up. Just updated the post.

  • David Plump

    The Loft. Still boarded up. Who

  • David Plump

    Who moving in to Loft space?

  • Mary Kim

    No word on that space yet.

  • Banet

    Also, the Five Guys space looks to be a restaurant called San Blas. A bit of googling reveals that to be the name of a series of Caribbean islands near Panama.

  • Andrew Porter

    Olive+Garden: I can see trademark problems for this place, with the name way too close to that of The Olive Garden. Update: just spoke to the latter’s corporate office. They were Very Interested in this news!

  • Andrew Porter

    A mystery. Nothing happening on Clark Street.

  • New Poster

    Same chef and owner. Newer concept. They will also be serving breakfast – will be good to have a quality, non-greasy spoon option!

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Mary, you are the best. Excellent report and update.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Andrew, enjoy your photo contributions to the blog but was it really necessary to notify a large profitable chain about an alleged transgression by a small entrepreneur of a potential trademark infringement? No doubt the potential financial impact on Olive Garden is negligible but the name change impact on Olive+Garden will be substantial.

  • Andrew Porter

    Were they that dumb? A little thought on their part would have dissuaded them from using that name in the first place. Maybe they could use the name “Burgers are King”?

  • Effective Presenter

    We suspect that notification could result in another vacancy a “For Rent ” sign.

  • Mary Kim

    Thank you, Karl! You’re a treasure to the neighborhood.

  • Banet

    I’ve never understood why more “nicer” restaurants don’t serve breakfast. The space is paid for so it seems like you only need a skeleton staff – one server and one person in the kitchen and you could turn out a few dozen covers over the course of the morning.

  • Alex

    Wow, what a snitch. Completely unnecessary to tell Oliver Garden. God, I hate entitled white people.