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  • Brixtony

    I live in the same building and haven’t set foot in it for years .

  • Jorale-man

    You’re right. Amsterdam’s red light district is self-contained and highly regulated (though residents there are apparently becoming less tolerating of the loutish types it attracts).

    It is curious how we tend to get more worked up here over Gross-tedes than prostitutes working on what should be BH’s most prominent thoroughfare. Not a judgment, just an observation.

  • Arch Stanton

    Because I for one couldn’t care less if there is a “massage parlor” on Montague St. It’s none if my business who goes there or what they do there. Really what’s the big deal?

  • Andrew Porter

    From Brownstoner comes the nwes that the sign-up rate for the return of curbside organic recycling stood at 14.8% for CB2, which includes the Heights, as of September 1st.

    More info here:

  • Jorale-man

    If you read the NY Post article, there are serious concerns about human trafficking in these establishments.

    They also aren’t usually the mark of a classy neighborhood and, I suppose, could have negative impact on property values (though that isn’t much of a concern on Montague these days).

  • MaggieO

    Anybody know what the protest action going on today is?

  • Cranberry Beret

    Teachers at Boro Hall and marching up Cadman protesting covid vax mandates. Where were they in any other year protesting the mandate for all the other vaccines that kids are required to have? The mandates have always kept teachers safe, always will. Complete lunacy.

  • MaggieO

    agreed. that was my guess.

  • Cranberry Beret

    These same nutjobs later turned violent and rampaged against a covid test van in Union Square. NYPD sat by idly and did virtually nothing. Same NYPD who kettled and beat non-violent protestors on Cadman and elsewhere on the city in summer 2020.

  • T.K. Small

    I have my windows open and can hear live music coming from somewhere. Could this be from across the river at Pier 17? I was there last week to see Rufus Wainwright and it was not that loud.

  • Mike Suko

    That libertarian b.s. is no different from “freedom to refuse to get vaccinated.” It turns a virtue – in this case, not imposing one’s own definition of “morality” on others – into a vice.

    It’s also like “victimless crimes,” of which there probably are not any!

    When a massage parlor has no trouble paying the rent on Montague, it

    a) tells landlords that they don’t REALLY have to think about affordability – they just have to FIND someone with a “one for you, 10 for me” ethos. True, that might spell Starbucks or Zales, but it’s a lot more likely to be a bottom-feeder, where collateral damage includes a marriage or 2 and an immigrant or 2.

    b) makes that “sucking sound” – “circling the drain” – ever so much more palpable. In my view, when you add “AND ‘massage parlors’ ” to this Jeopardy clue:

    Banks and mediocre eateries,

    with the question being: Who finds Montague Street a viable place to do business?

    … you seal its fate!

    SERIOUSLY, having seen cannabis dispensaries snap up prime real estate elsewhere, that’s what the future holds for Montague Street.

    And yeah, some nutjob will shrug and say, “Hey, it’s better than having empty storefronts” – as if that’s the only alternative!

  • CassieVonMontague

    Yes it’s Pier 17. It’s as if the speakers are pointed right at Brooklyn Heights. I’ve noticed it ever since those rooftop concerts started, especially on these cool fall evenings when you want your windows open. Some concerts are louder than others. I was very happy during the pandemic summer when the concerts were cancelled. It’d be nice if they changed the position of the stage.

    The last concert is October 10, and they start again in May

  • aeshtron

    The night of June 3rd 2020 on Cadman Plaza was memorable. IMHO, it was sensible to be geared up and ready for more than occured. Once it began to rain 12 violently closed in on trapped peaceful protestors. It is my understanding that 12 may have believed that someone had a home-made incendiary device and intended to use it. To quote the Jackalope “fast as fast can be you’ll never catch me”. The dystopian present is now!

  • SongBirdNYC

    Park Plaza Diner also has live Jazz on Thursday nights. ;)

  • Arch Stanton

    No, the only reason people find it offensive is because they were taught their moral compass (usually based on some religious doctrine) instead of reasoning it out on their own. This is what fuels homophobia, anti abortion, and other so called “moral” causes.

    Please give me a logical reason why two people shouldn’t engage in an activity that they are both willing participants and has no consequence to anyone other than themselves?

    If Human trafficking is in fact going on at said location than it should be shut down for that, not for the happy endings.

  • Lucky Larry

    Wait, that Pineapple Walk grocery store (I think called All In One Mart) used to be the Peas & Pickles that’s now on Washington St in Dumbo. I did not know that. When did they move? I imagine the ownership changed with the name?

  • Andrew Porter

    Both had the same name and owners. No one moved.