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  • Cranberry Beret

    The one on Remsen is still there. It’s like a crater on the moon.

  • Michael Rock

    This could be nice. I think I’ll donate.

  • Andrew Porter

    Fireworks: Gothamist notes, “You will not be able to see much of anything from Brooklyn Bridge Park and Brooklyn Heights Promenade, except maybe the ones that explode really high, though it’s always a festive scene on July 4th around these parts”.

    That’s never stopped lots of people showing up and then being instantly disappointed by the lack of visible fireworks.

    Here’s my old photo of the fireworks, with the Twin Towers in the background (© Andrew Porter):

  • RickP

    Thanks. I see it now.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Andrew is totally correct. You will not see much of anything from the promenade. The best fireworks in recent memory, here in Brooklyn Heights, was in 2014 over both the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge simultaneously. It was incredible.

  • Andrew Porter

    Not recent, but the celebration of the Brooklyn Bridge in 1983—now, gasp! a mere 38 years ago—still stands out in my memory.

  • Andrew Porter

    Yesterday afternoon, people gathered on the Promenade—some brought their own chairs and an umbrella—where, guess what, you couldn’t see the fireworks. I guess a lot of NYers are geographically challenged, think that anywhere with a view of the East River means a view of the fireworks.

    There was even a vendor selling chotchkes and fireworks, within sight of 3 cops. I wonder what happened to him when they noticed?

  • TeddyNYC

    I saw a group of people on a roof near where I live. I’m sure they were expecting to see fireworks.