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  • Mike Suko

    Karl Junkersfeld is simply fabulous when it comes to Brooklyn Heights history (well, the last 12 years, at any rate.) This one was one of the oldest now posted on YouTube, and it gives one a lovely mix of “whatever happened to?” plus “still GOING” plus even a couple of changes for the better.

    There’s a line in his voice-over about the BHB being his “client” for that video. I know it was under previous management, but if someone started a GoFundMe to bring KJ back in terms of his videography, I’m sure it would meet its goal in a Brooklyn Heights minute.

  • CassieVonMontague

    The following is from an email from the BHA:
    What’s that horrible noise?

    If you’ve walked anywhere in the North Heights, enjoyed the Promenade, or gone to Hillside Dog Park in the past couple of weeks, you’ve no doubt heard what sounds like dozens of jet engines in our otherwise peaceful neighborhood.

    The noise (heard mainly on weekends and at night) has been coming from the fan plant on Furman Street which provides ventilation for the Cranberry Street subway tubes.

    The MTA is working to upgrade signals on the A/C line and has been using the fans to ventilate the tubes and keep its workers safe. Unfortunately, the resulting noise has been extremely disturbing to residents in the north heights and at 130 Furman Street.

    The BHA, along with the management at Pierhouse and our electeds, has been working with the MTA over the past two weeks to find a solution. As a result of our collective advocacy, the MTA’s current plan is to shift the fan use from the Furman Street plant over to the Manhattan side, barring any emergency use. The agency is looking into whether this can be a permanent solution for the duration of the work, as well as the possibility of acquiring fan silencers (which are expensive and would take some time to procure). We will keep the community updated as the plan is evolving.

    We appreciate the speed and seriousness with which the MTA responded to the community’s concerns.

  • CassieVonMontague

    Someone rented the home on Clinton and Schermerhorn for $30,000.

    A Brooklyn Heights townhouse rented for $30,000 a month on Friday, making it the priciest single-unit property the borough has seen since Miller Samuel began tracking these figures in 2008.

    The five-unit house was recently converted to single-family.

  • Andrew Porter

    One possible solution: earplugs for all?

  • Andrew Porter

    Scraping the bottom of the barrel in my old BH photo file now. Here’s Joralemon and Court, April 24, 1905:

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Mike, that was very nice of you to say such nice things. Twelve years ago, time moves quickly.
    The walk started with walking pass brush factory on corner of Middagh and Henry (now condos). Then Noodle Pudding and thank goodness, Tony is still there, thriving. Then an empty space where Cranberry’s used for storage (now Seedlings). Then Henry’s End and thank goodness Mark just moved a couple blocks away. Then we come to what was Bread and Butter, (now Mint Heights), Then Cranbwerry’s and my old friend Mayor James. (now empty). Fortunately, Mark made it through the pandemic and Wine Bar survived. Cross the street and we have an empty large space where Blue Pig was. (now is Bevacco). Then Wall of China, (empty ) Then Jason’s Cleaners. Still there and thriving. Hardest working guy I know. Attached is another cinema verite’ of Jason and I eating at River Cafe. Then we get to the movie theater. (now condos). you get the idea, things change. Some changes for the better some for the worst. Truth is, I miss many of my friends from many of these establishments and the great time. Miss most the video store on Henry prior to Bread and Butter that was a fun place to meet people in the neighborhood and talk movies. Marty you will forever be in my heart.

  • Sweeties

    Good luck with that theory. All the fans are on the West facing side of the ventilation tower. The idiot architects even built a reflective curve for the noise to be focused on the “Fruit Sitting Area”, and beyond into Brooklyn Heights, creating noise that used to go over the docks and into the bay.

  • AEB

    Karl, I may be wrong, but I believe Jason sold his business some time ago. The new owner seemed to struggle (as so many did) through Covid, only to land on this side of it more or less intact. I’m not a frequent customer there, but when I DO show up, business seems very much off. Have you been there lately?

  • CassieVonMontague

    Automatic BQE truck weight enforcement bill set to pass in Albany

    Test sensors have already been installed on the BQE

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Hi AEB,
    How are you? Truth is, I have been homebound for 4 years with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome so I have no need for a dry cleaner other than washing my pajamas. Happy to hear he sold his business, that dude worked so hard, he needs a break. My guess it was never the same when he lost his father. His brother moved back to South Korea many years ago and loves it. Maybe Jason is joining him. My wife is a Coleman Cleaner’s fan because of their laundry service.

  • Jorale-man

    Wow. In a year of renting at that price you could buy a decent one-bedroom somewhere – maybe not around here but a little further out into Brooklyn. That said, they spent a long time renovating that house so presumably it’s in pretty tip-top shape now.

  • aeshtron

    What neighborhood is Pierhouse aka the “reflective curve” in?

    IMHO, Brooklyn Heights’ boundaries are Atlantic Ave, the BQE, Cadman Plaza West and Court Street.

  • CassieVonMontague
  • Sweeties

    According to this Reddit-sourced map, it’s in Brooklyn Heights. I tend to disagree. “Fulton Ferry” seems more appropriate, if a little on the small size (,_Brooklyn)

  • disqus_NCsPYOIlUl

    Someone posted a few months ago that Lichee Nut on Montague had lease issues and was going to close. I hope not, and it seems like biz as usual, but does anyone have an update on that?

  • CassieVonMontague

    Or for a $30,000 monthly payment, you could take out a $7 million mortgage.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Nothing says “real estate bubble” more than watching people with money vote with their wallets.

    The fact that all the people who can afford $30K/mo payments voted to rent vs buy means they see no equity appreciation on that house (even leveraged) — and more likely, a high likelihood of depreciation.

  • Andrew Porter

    360 Furman Street is also supposedly in the Heights. And don’t forget the bunch of new buildings just east of Court Street north of Atlantic.

  • Andrew Porter

    The Japanese restaurant just up the steps closed months ago. The building itself is still for sale.

  • meschwar

    That’s too bad, but Nanatori had much more competition. There’s a sushi place on nearly every block, and they’re all pretty decent. The only other Cantonese restaurant around is Fortune House.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I go to Flushing or Sunset Park (or further south) for good Chinese food. I have no illusions that Brooklyn Heights will ever support such a restaurant but I’m still surprised that the surrounding nabes in delivery/pick-up distance don’t really have anything either. (Honorable mention to the No Pork Halal Kitchen on 4th Avenue.) Anyone have good recommendations?

  • StudioBrooklyn

    I work in Chinatown in Manhattan, where there are many good options. Can’t say, from my experience, that it’s anything like Flushing, but there are some very good spots that are more than worth the ferry fare.

  • Heights Observer

    The death on the Clark Street Station tracks tonight 6/14 comes at the end of a mounting wave of violence and threatening behaviors by .scores of long term repeat perpatrators who have physically assaulted and seriously harrased scores of transit patrions. Whatever the exact circumstances of Monday’s terrible incident, the fact that this city has chosen NOT to provide serious high visibility police presence at BH and Clark’ street even after the number of serious indications they had is I’m sorry, the indisputable is im sorrye defination of out-of-control irresponsible government…..

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    I can’t wait for NYC elections to end! Candidate’s reps & their mothers (yes, their mothers!) ring my bell all hrs, mail 20 pamphlets a day, call incessantly