City Council Candidates Forum at Cadman Plaza Park Sunday Evening

There are eight candidates running to take term limited Stephen Levin’s City Council seat for District 33, which includes Brooklyn Heights. This Sunday, June 6 from 5:00 to 7:00 PM, there will be a live forum for these candidates in Cadman Plaza Memorial Park. The event is sponsored by, among others, the Brooklyn Heights Association, the Cadman Park Conservancy, North Heights Neighbors, and the Willowtown Association.

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  • fultonferryres

    Yes, the “others” were the Fulton Ferry Landing Association, Dumbo Neighborhood Alliance and Vinegar Hill Neighborhood Association.

  • Mike Suko

    Anybody there to report on the overall vibe and takeways other than unanimity about the need to attend to our infrastructure?

    Sure seems to me like the powers that be will kick the BQE can down the road until there are some fatalities – aren’t we better than that?

    BTW, when the candidates were asked for written answers to a host of NYC questions (the new Council-person WILL have to deal with the 98% of NYC outside his/her/OUR district), one of the 3-4 candidates with a Heights connection OPPOSED any reduction in funding for the NYPD. Yes, it’s the one who was a registered Republican in 2016, and that’s the very last thing/person we need in 2021. I guess Toba’s handlers reminded him that he’s running in a *Democratic* primary, since he flip-flopped on that per the limited reportage of the event.