84th Precinct Police Blotter

bugleblotterThe big news this week was the arrest of three suspects in the recent robberies in the Heights, and it was a light week in the neighborhood’s crime otherwise.

A man parked his Ford Explorer legally along Tillary Street, between Jay and Bridge streets, on April 30 at 1 pm. But, when he came back five hours later the car was gone and the Navy Yard tow pound had no record of the vehicle, cops said.

A burglar broke into a woman’s Toyota sedan between 9:30 pm and midnight on May 1, after she parked it on State Street, between Willow and Hicks streets. The perp smashed through her rear driver’s side window, and stole her GPS, purse, passport, and two credit cards.

And, on May 2, cops arrested a punk after he snatched a woman’s cellphone from her hand as she exited the Q-train at the DeKalb Avenue station at 9:15 am. The woman told cops she saw the man approach her and try to grab her phone and she fought back, but ultimately the man grabbed her phone and ran out of the station. Cops were on patrol just outside the station, and made the collar.

Earlier that morning, cops had a fight of their own after arresting a man and charging him with a DWI. The officers pulled over the car at 4:40 am on May 2, near the northwest corner of Hicks and Old Fulton streets. The passenger was sleeping at the time, and refused to get out of the car. He started arguing with cops, and when he finally did get out, he lunged at the officers who quickly wrestled him to the ground. But, in the struggle, the man landed on top of one of the arresting officers and injured his wrist.

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  • Billy Reno

    God will visit the three teens disguised as a beam of morning light and will present unto them a scenario of two possible futures: Prison or Duane Reade.

  • AEB

    I’m constantly amazed at the amount of crime that gets committed in our tiny…hamet.

    Seems so H. Rousseauian.

    Or is it D. Lynchian?

  • AEB

    Billy, above: they’re different?