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  • Mary Kim

    If you are 65 and older, appointments are now available to receive the Covid vaccine at the George Westinghouse High School building on Tillary St. and other locations.

  • Jorale-man

    UK Coronavirus Variant Detected in NYC, de Blasio Announces–de-blasio-announces

    Neither case was in Brooklyn but it’s likely that it’s already spreading widely through the city, according to the health commissioner.

  • Andrew Porter

    Joralemon and Henry Streets, August 21, 1903. Looks like everyone has left because they haven’t invented air conditioning yet:

  • Andrew Porter
  • Andrew Porter

    You have to log in. Think I’ll wait until the initial surge has abated. Or the Disney vaccine is approved:

  • Cranberry Beret

    Park Plaza diner has posted a sign saying they’ve temporarily (but indefinitely) closed. Indicating they’re waiting for warmer weather to make outdoor dining more feasible, and hopefully more vaccinations allowing indoor to reopen.

  • Barbara Moskowitz

    Mary do you happen to know whether the entrance is on TIllary or Johnson? I gave appointment for next week

  • J (just back from D.C) Smith..

    You can one of the “beneficiaries” of vaxxing to Mickey’s right….
    Good luck guys….and, er, check to box insert….

  • Arch Stanton

    Came back to settle your affairs, before the FBI rounds ya up, aye?

  • Mary Kim

    Congrats on getting an appointment! There is an entrance on Tillary St., but there are other entrances to the building. I’m not sure which one is being used for the vaccine distribution. I’ll update once I hear.

  • J Hmmm- what’s in this one Smi

    Re: Park Plaza and other area businesses. It may have been the business community finally having enough with Cuomo or perhaps it was the contents of the Capitol laptops (one of which “someone” may have grabbed) but on Monday cuomo-the-great abruptly reversed months of key restrictions on businesses. Given the stores and restaurants destroyed and gazillion jobs lost, business leaders say it wasn’t too soon. Others in bioscience wonder with current directions if outbreaks and the entire future of public health will ever be properly secured.

  • Jeffrey Smith

    First of all, the speed of arrests shows the extent the chinese style nationwide face recognition system has already been rolled out.

    Second, these people were petitioning government. It would been the wise and fair thing to allow a delegation to present their arguments to law makers and then be orderly admitted to the spectator gallery. When they asked, the political class coldly ignored them and ordered police to arm themselves. Without the actions of congressional leaders to the assembled citizens none of this would have ever escalated to the point it did.

    But it was the political class callous behavior acting like an English monarch in an earlier incident which understandably caused things to boil over.. And now, sure enough, we have a Crispes Attacks figure for our age, an unarmed woman coldly shot in the neck and killed. nice Stay tuned everyone……

  • StudioBrooklyn

    “chinese style nationwide face recognition”

    They took selfies on planes, posted them on the internet, and then broke into a government building that is monitored by security cameras while streaming their actions on Facebook Live and demonstrating a strong stance against wearing face coverings during a deadly pandemic, but yeah, somehow it’s not their fault they got caught.

    You, meanwhile, consented to having the Brooklyn Eagle publish photos of you online, then turned right around and continued to out yourself as a Nazi.

    Tell us, are the “Chinese style” spies in the room with you right now?

  • meschwar

    The speed of arrests just shows that those idiots have friends and family who would turn them in in a heartbeat.

    We’d all turn you over too if we believed anything you said.

  • Andrew Porter

    Article in today’s NY Times about problems for older people in getting appointments to be vaccinated:

    NY State and NYC portals are completely independent of each other, sigh.

  • Andrew Porter

    In recent weeks I noticed their outdoor dining spaces were cleared of all seating.

  • streeter

    There’s a petition to remove one of the officers from our precinct:

    Beyond the gun incident, I’m disturbed that officers are allowed to have arguably hateful badges on their vest. These were photographed on the officer in question.

    news 12 story:

  • Susan O’Doherty
  • Andrew Porter

    I have a photo I took of Jeffrey Smith at the annual BHA meeting, if anyone cares. Note: he didn’t object.

  • Arch Stanton

    What do you do with it? Oh wait, never mind…

  • You know who this is….



    Sure, because you asked and you appear to be a fairly sane basically responsible person.
    And you don’t spew constant poison like some others. You ALSO appear to have the sense to understand the real consequences of any “incident” which may grow out of your actions…

  • Heights Patriot

    Amazing….after months of riot incidents in midtown Manhattan, after a. Summer of the city government howling for defunding of the police…in a time of real world surging crime. At a time when it’s become acceptable behavior to threaten a police officer. And you have an atty general and members of the city council proclaiming that it’s the Police are the ones out of control” Yipe”’

  • Arch Stanton

    I don’t see anyone of consequence advocating the acceptability of “threatening police officers”, However, I did see, a demented mob of insurrectionists, threaten, beat and kill police in DC… Even using an American Flag as a weapon…

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Literally looks like this except on a fixed income and in a windbreaker

  • Mary Kim

    Barbara, the entrance is off Tillary St. You walk down Tillary and turn right onto a side street. You can’t miss it. There was a long line today, but should be more organized going forward. See my latest post for more details.

  • Barbara Moskowitz

    Thank you so much Mary. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that this location doesn’t cancel any appointments as has occurred with other vaccination hubs.

  • Andrew Porter

    8 Montague Terrace set a sales record of $25.5 million. Article in Brownstoner here: