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  • Cranberry Beret

    I’d consider you edit your post again, because suggesting all Zionists support occupation and unequal rights for Palestinians is just as incorrect as saying all Americans support the racist founding of this country and ongoing unequal treatment of BIPOC. The sad reality is it seems about 50% of each group (Zionists and Americans) are happy to maltreat their fellows. But not all.

    And yes, the exact phrasing of your post suggests “all” to me. Your post is pithy but imprecise, and the language matters. No where even in the linked article does it mention this guy’s Zionism. You collapsed inferred knowledge of his pro-Trump/pro-Netanyahu politics into the word “Zionism” which is just not accurate.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    The guy and his father are both associated with Zionist organizations. I don’t recall offhand if the article states that or if I got that by following links/googling them/their organizations. If I have more time I’m happy to provide substantiation on that later.

    And it’s true, #notallzionists are apartheid-defending racists, and that the origins of Zionism were very different, but in most modern contexts (and this is why I decided to drop the “religious” modifier) anti-racism is the rare exception to the rule.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    And being transparent, I’m of the opinion that Netanyahu/Likud are not merely a right-wing anomaly in Israeli politics. Apartheid and racism have been the status quo there since the state’s inception. I acknowledge that this is my opinion, and while I feel strongly about it, I don’t want to go down the rhetorical path (just yet, on here) of defending it as if it is anything else. It’s based on personal experience (Israeli-born, IDF-AWOL), the experiences of close friends and family, and on what I read (mostly Reuters, AP, and Betselem).

  • BH Mike

    In this regard, your logic is misguided. But you did it because it was easy.

  • Andrew Porter

    You think that horse is double-parked? What do you make of this one, at Pierrepont and Fulton Streets in 1933:

  • Andrew Porter

    Walking on upper Henry Street today, on the way home from having another excellent haircut at Salon Van Sickle on Middagh, I noticed that the large nail salon at 60 Henry has closed.

  • Eddyde

    Yes it’s very easy to see, look in mirror.

  • fgfhdfg

    Diva moved to Pineapple Walk, right nearby.

  • Jorale-man

    Is anyone aware of any Covid-19 testing locations in the area that take appointments and don’t require you line up in the freezing cold? That seems to be the drill on Montague Street (no, I’m not sick, just a requirement to see my dentist). Thank you!

  • Andrew Porter

    Try my dentist, Drs. Moshman, etc., at 89 Remsen Street. No such requirement there!

    I had a lot of deferred stuff done starting in September.

  • gc

    Just read reports of terrible boat fire at BBP Marina this AM.
    One death reported. Very sad.

  • Mary Kim

    A neighbor told me that he went to Gristedes, and it was fast, easy and results within a few days. You have to register at this website first.

  • Jorale-man

    Thanks, that’s good to know. It looks like they’re booked up a week in advance right now but will file it away for future reference.

  • Jorale-man

    Good to know. I’ve been going to mine forever (and she does keep a safe office) but for future reference. I’ve been trying to get in before this more contagious variant starts spreading and I won’t want to leave home at all.

  • Trekkie

    Has anyone ever questioned your intelligence from your skin color? Or if you could speak the language? Or if you were even born in this country? Or assume you couldn’t do certain jobs?

    It wasn’t very long ago that Italian and Irish immigrants were vilified. Minorities couldn’t vote, neither could women. People still deny the Holocaust.

    BS … indeed.

  • BH Mike

    Yes you should look in the mirror to correct that self righteous attitude you have. Same goes for others who post on this board.

  • StudioBrooklyn

    Harping on attitude or tone policing is all well and good if we’re strictly talking about building community, and as someone who can get snippy online, I’ll be the first to admit that.

    But this far into the thread it’s misdirection. It has been calmly pointed out to you (by Eddyde et al) why your—and more importantly, others’—dismissal of the meaning and movement of “Black Lives Matter” is implicitly, if inadvertently, racist.

    I’m sure others would be happy to continue to elucidate. The goal is to help you understand, and I encourage you to be open to it in good faith (meaning: we don’t think you actually mean to be racist, and you could do a better job of convincing everyone of it, if you understood this one thing better).

  • aeshtron

    May the family and friends of the deceased find peace.

    Melting fiberglass produces copious amounts of toxic formaldehyde.

    It appears that some of the floating docks in the pier 5 marina were damaged. The docks near the NE corner of the marina are charred and partially sunk.

  • Angela De Marco