Subway Violence Hits Close to Home

WNBC 4 New York reports that this Saturday, November 21 a man standing on the High Street subway platform here in Brooklyn Heights was slashed on the face by another man wielding a box cutter. The slasher, who is described as “wearing a bright blue jacket, jeans and carrying a suitcase,” escaped. The victim was taken to a hospital and “his condition is not immediately known.” The WNBC story also notes two other violent subway incidents earlier last week, both in Manhattan: “[a]n off-duty UPS worker was pushed Wednesday at Bryant Park and a woman was pushed onto the tracks at Union Square Thursday morning; both survived their attacks.”

Back here in Brooklyn, PIX11 reports that yesterday (Sunday, November 22) at about 11:25 a.m., a man was pushed onto the tracks at the Atlantic Avenue-Barclays Center station. According to the story, “[h]e was able to get back onto the platform himself.” Again the attacker, described as a man “believed to be in his 20s,” escaped.

The Pix11 story also tells of another Brooklynite who was shoved onto the tracks at the Union Square station in Manhattan, but was able to escape, and “had compassion for her attacker.”

“In my heart I say God bless. He needs help. I don’t know his life,” Liliana Sagbaicela, a Sunset Park mother of two, told PIX11 News.

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  • Heightsguy77

    Something needs to be done about the mentally ill. This was a problem even before the pandemic, although the violence seems to be increasing. I am not an expert, so I don’t have any recommendations. However, I will be watching closely in the next mayoral race, to see which candidate has the best solutions. The current state of affairs in this issue is unfair to EVERYONE involved.

  • aeshtron

    My throat was randomly slashed on the F train in Brooklyn years ago and it was unpleasant.
    NYPD repeatedly made reporting the crime difficult and gave me the run-around. An employee at the 84th precinct told me that I couldn’t report the crime to them because the event occured outside their jurisdiction.

    Some people are even crazier than I ; )