Open Thread Wednesday

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Photo by Margaret Sanz.

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  • Brian Johnson

    St. Francis College was always in Brooklyn. That blog post you linked to is about St. Francis Xavier in Manhattan, which was a completely different institution.

  • Andrew Porter

    I’m sure I read here about it moving to Brooklyn, but now can’t find any reference. I think the post was revised to eliminate that line.

  • Justin Racz

    Thank you for sharing. Sad the Brooklyn Eagle building didn’t survive, but glad the Franklin Trust did. Though a Chase bank now, a trip to the ATM feels like a brief visit to a museum.

  • Karl Junkersfeld

    Justin, I could not agree more about the Chase Bank and its museum like quality.

  • Arch Stanton

    Yep there were a couple of stop work orders issued by the DOB right before the site closed down. The last thing they did was backfill the foundation with many tones of gravel, presumably to stabilize the adjacent foundations.

  • Cranberry Beret

    I don’t know the details of the foundation issue, but those would just be engineering problems that could be resolved if there was a will (or $) and wouldn’t require years. AFAIK neither of the adjacent owners is suing the developer, so the resolution (or lack) is all on him.

    To me, the foundation is a red herring. The same developer owns the empty parking lot on Hicks Street by Engine 224. Again, with approved plans from Landmarks, yet hasn’t done a lick of work in years. That’s just not normal with some of the most expensive land in the city.

  • Andrew Porter

    The glorious but torn down Eagle Building, courtesy the Municipal Archives:

  • Clara West

    Know I’m late to this but why not use the PS8 playground area? Might have to move some items. Area extends into smaller area along Hicks. Tree area has been ignored for decades. Also may not be able to do this post end of Oct. or when not raining.