Brother of George Floyd to Lead Memorial Vigil at Cadman Plaza Park Tomorrow.

abc7NY reports that Terrence Floyd, a Brooklyn resident and brother of the murdered George Floyd, will lead a peaceful vigil in memory of his brother tomorrow, Thursday, June 4. It will begin at 1:00 p.m. in Cadman Plaza Park. Reverend Kevin McCall, an advocate for civil rights, will address the vigil. Afterward, there will be a march across Brooklyn Bridge to Foley Square. Governor Cuomo, Mayor de Blasio, and Police Commissioner Shea have all been invited.

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  • Mike Suko

    I recognize that news – even incontestably “Brooklyn Heights news” is (a) not this blog’s highest priority; and/or (b) the nature of the operation/staffing makes it impossible to serve even remotely as the “site of record” pertaining to B.Hts.

    Which is sad, but I am not intending to “scold” here. I get it! And when one adds elements of genuine physical danger to trying to cover events like last night’s, … even more so.

    It doesn’t help, of course, that the Brooklyn Eagle & the Brooklyn Paper – with presumably bigger budgets and staffs – also appear to be M.I.A. in this and related situations.

    So here’s a constructive idea – couldn’t the BHB find and “engage” a reporter wannabe – last I heard, Columbia still had a journalism school, and – God bless them – any enrollee there would be smart to bolster his/her resume with an “internship” here…. No doubt, there would be costs, and it would be interesting if this Blog – with or without the help of something like Kickstarter – tried to raise the money locally. With the presumption that if the idea lacks support, money “donated” would be refunded, I pledge $150.

    There are some excellent writers whose contributions mostly show up on Wednesday, but we can do better than “My brother saw video shot on Cadman Plaza on CNN.” We should do better, but it will probably take a little money, a little focus … and some additional talent/skillset. [Too many flame-throwers on this board, imho. Don’t distort my “Let George(tte) do it” – to do it right goes beyond expressing an opinion like this one!

    Gothamist, by the way, is doing a fine job, but they’re clearly enough underfunded by WNYC to make the occasional pining for “The Phoenix in its heyday” deafening at times like these.

  • aeshtron

    Black Lives Matter!

  • Reggie

    Has BHB ever claimed or even aspired to be a news website? I think its self-definition is right there in the name; it’s a neighborhood blog. ‘Here’s a topic of potential interest; feel free to comment.’

  • Remsen Street Dweller

    The Brooklyn vigil is a major news event and will be covered by newspapers, TV and radio accordingly.

  • Mike Suko

    It was in OUR neighborhood that the police went rogue last night. Their enforcing a curfew was deemed more important by the Mayor than justice. Many people were injured on Cadman Plaza West last night. By chance, NY’s observance of George Floyd’s death is going on as I write in Cadman Plaza Park. (Again, our neighborhood!)

    More energy is sometimes expended around here on “You can’t say that,” instead of “You MUST take note and report on that.” Resumption of deliveries from this or that restaurant cannot take priority over the history being made today! Which train is or isn’t running this weekend is really insignificant as compared to what’s going in Brooklyn Heights and the rest of the U.S. at this time.

    Leave it to Trump to fiddle while America burns. We have higher standards.

  • B.

    Was there supposed to be another march last night? Here I thought a curfew was a curfew.

    In Flatbush, two cops were shot and one stabbed. A blog can’t cover everything.

  • Mary Kim

    Perhaps, if you find our coverage to be too frivolous for your taste, you can start your own blog.

  • Mary Kim

    Thank you for your input. BHB was founded by John Loscalzo. After his untimely passing, we, mostly Claude, have done our best to keep the blog going. No one makes money off this blog. We have day jobs. Two of us have young children. We’re not here to cover breaking news, although I think we, mostly Claude, do a good job informing the neighborhood of events and issues affecting life in Brooklyn Heights. Our loyal commenters also pull a lot of weight in that regard.

    Unfortunately, none of us were in a position to run out to Tillary St. late last night with a news camera and microphone to record the stand-off between protestors and police. Luckily, CNN with all its resources was covering every moment live.

    I see that Brooklyn Paper has a piece on it as of today. As for the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, from what I understand, most of the staff has been furloughed due to a drop in advertising revenue caused by the pandemic. They’re relying on a skeleton staff and the AP, again, from what I understand. I miss Mary Frost’s reporting and hope she’s back at it again soon.

  • Cranberry Beret

    Unfortunately the Eagle let go of several of its staff at the beginning of 2020. (Not the long-time writers like Mary Frost but the ones who were hired 12-18 months ago.) This was before, and unrelated to, the pandemic. They had been hired precisely to cover this kind of news but (according to those let go) the publisher had a change of heart or ran out of money (or both).

  • Cranberry Beret

    There’s a weekly open thread which (as you well know) has lots of the action on this blog all throughout the week. Commenters can feel free to talk about whatever they want (I posted about the police violence right after it happened). This is not Brooklyn Heights Patch. No one who posts seems to be very shy about holding back their opinion, but nevertheless I think your beef is directed at the lurkers, or maybe a criticism for lack of reader participation, and shouldn’t be aimed at the collective who “operate” the blog.

  • Reggie

    Let me put it another way, Mike. The citywide dailies are going to cover this historic moment in time. They are not going to report on the resumption of restaurant deliveries or which train is or isn’t running this weekend, to use your examples. BHB provides information that many of us wouldn’t find elsewhere and we get our news from news outlets, not the neighborhood blog.

  • RD H

    Great constructive idea. Get on it. I’ll be watching.

    This is you invited to a potluck, showing up empty handed and complaining that there isn’t enough to eat.

    Can’t wait to read your “non-scolding” contributions.

    A real visionary…