Willow Street Added to List of “Open Streets.”

Our ever alert and helpful friends at Brooklyn Community Board 2 have notified us that, effective now, Willow Street between Middagh and Pierrepont streets (practically its entire length) has been added to the “Open Streets” program, described in Mayor de Blasio’s press release as follows:

Open Streets are simple closures of streets to vehicles and do not feature any programming, seating, or other elements that might encourage gathering. These closures may not be implemented on a bus, truck, or emergency route. Limited access to the street shall be maintained to allow for essential deliveries, emergency needs, and/or to retrieve a parked vehicle.

Willow joins  Joralemon between Hicks and Furman as Brooklyn Heights streets designated as Open Streets.

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  • B.

    Willow Street. As silly an open street as that little stretch of Prospect Park West.

  • CookieGuggleman

    Open Court Street on summer weekends.

  • Mike R

    So if there’s ever a blockage of any sort on Henry Street, it becomes next to impossible to drive south from the fruit streets to Pierrepont.

  • Hicks

    People just move the gate and leave it open to all other traffic on the Joralemon section that is supposed to be an open street. If you are walking or biking in the street keep an eye out for the traffic.

  • Mike R

    I wasn’t aware of the Joralemon status a few days ago when I drove thru the separated gates on my way to Furman.

  • Banet

    No, the drivers can just head to Willow and move the barricade aside. No big deal.

  • Mike R

    Is that procedure ok with the city or is it just the way people have been handling “open streets”?

  • Cranberry Beret

    I’ve been to both streets several times and Willow seems to be more successful for pedestrians. I guess because no one drives there unless they’re actually making a delivery or pick-up. On Joralemon, I witnessed lots of cars driving straight through to Furman. The honor system isn’t working there, that barricade needs to be staffed. Also, as Banet notes, the drivers (locals?) on Willow are restoring the barricades…same thing isn’t happening on Joralemon (not locals?)

  • Banet

    It’s ok with the city — it’s what they specifically tell you to do. People who’s cars are parked on the closed blocks need to be able to get their car. Deliveries need to be made. Appliance repairmen need to be able to park to repair fridges and washing machines.