Two Trees Snail Mail Spam

Letter from Two Trees asking for support

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A tipster sent us this unsolicited letter they received today, from Two Trees Management, asking for support for their Dock Street Dumbo plan. Yelling “IT’S NOW OR NEVER FOR A NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL IN DUMBO AND OUR NEIGHBORHOOD’S FIRST EVER AFFORDABLE HOUSING!”, they ask the recipient to contact David Yassky immediately, and attend a hearing hosted by the NYC Council Subcommittee on Zoning & Franchises on Thursday, May 14th at 11am.

Sound intriguing? Would you like to subscribe to their newsletter? Contact Nora Mattingly at 718-222-2500 or at

Anyone else out there receive this mailing?

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  • cre

    publius is from the old soviet-era “my way or the gulag” rule book. His bullying approach turns me off. who died and made him party-boss of brooklyn heights and its dumbo colonies?
    He is less than truthful and more than bombastic.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    Now that is what I would call Propaganda!

  • No2Walentas2Trees


    “somehow my puter picked up someone elses identity for the previous post. apologies to nabe car owner, I don’t know how that happened.”

    I will explain that to you.

    See, among other things I have worked in IT.

    You want to know how that happened?

    It happened because web-browsers have a benefit of ‘remembering’ field entries.

    So, the only way that could have happened is if someone (you) posted that name in that form. It could not happen any other way.

    But, if you want to maintain separate identities, you can either clear the form entries under the options, clear your cache, or just be careful when you post and make sure you choose the right identity you want.

  • ABC

    BklynLifer, that would have been such a great solution, but the city sold that property at auction some time ago. It’s been thru several plans (condos, commercial), but it is now on track to be rentals and a modern addition above the garage was just approved.

  • davoyager

    No2, I was also a programmer for many years and am aware of the browsers “memory”, however since I’ve never used that identity clearly something else happened that both you and I don’t understand. The browser also indicated an email address I’ve never seen before which I’m assuming belonged to the name. It really is odd. I thought maybe my wife had something to do with it but she says no. I was using her browser at that time and not my own but I have no reason to doubt her word.

  • cre

    i think the revised project is really very good. i don’t think it will have any negative impact on the majestic brooklyn bridge at all. the bridge destruction rhetoric borders on hysteria and is merely knee-jerk anti-development sentiment.
    The same people who believe a 14-story condo in dumbo will somehow diminish the brooklyn bridge would probably have been agaisnt the construction of the bridge in the first place had they been around then. they are people with only rear-view vision.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    DaVoyager, it is impossible for such a thing to happen unless it is from your browser. So either it was you, your wife, or perhaps someone using your computer.

    All I can say, is since this is basically mathematics and science, look at Occam’s razor, which states “entia non sunt multiplicanda praeter necessitatem” translated as “entities must not be multiplied beyond necessity”, in other words, the simplest explanation is usually the answer.

    So either it was your computer (simple answer), or a mystical, improbable occurrence.

  • No2Walentas2Trees


    14 story building? Really now.

  • davoyager

    I agree No2, somebody put that name there. But as I said it wasn’t the browser I use (firefox), it was my wife’s AOL and while I believe her that she never posts on the blogs, there are people over here all the time. The place is overrun with kids and their parents. But Pub bully will use any excuse to slam anybody who disagrees with him. Reminds me of Ann Coulter.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    Fair enough, but I don’t let people use my computer for precisely that reason.

  • nabeguy

    Wow, I’m glad I stayed out of this fray. Bullies, soviets, douche nozzles. Anyone familiar with this blog knows my position on this project and I’m the first to admit that, in my passion, I’ve allowed my better judgement to descend into vituperation. But I find this string particularly disheartening, as the issues, both pro and con, seem to be getting lost in a flurry of point-scoring. Let’s try to get back to the main points. My anti-DSP ones are as follows: (refute at your leisure)
    Health: the proposed building and school will be in close proximity to a bridge that handles 126,000 cars per day. Given the huge surge in asthma-related illnesses in the population of NYC children, what are the risk factors of such proximity?
    Safety: Unless you are a Dumbo resident, access to the proposed building involves crossing major vehicular thoroughfares (Old Fulton Street, BQE entryway) that are heavily used at precisely the times that children would be going to and from school (rush hours)
    3. Environmental: per the OEM, the building will be situated in a flood zone in the event of a Category 2 hurricane
    4. Contextual: the building will be at least 100 feet taller than any structure within 2 blocks. While the only views of the bridge that will be directly blocked are those of residents north-east of the bridge (Two Trees suckers…I mean residents for the most part), its close proximity to the bridge will result in a jarring visual disconnect between the Gothic architecture of the bridge and the modern styling of the new structure. As David McCullough stated, would you put a modern high-rise next to the Statue of Liberty?

  • davoyager

    Health: modern buildings are self contained and climate controlled. The air should be pristine. As for the environs around the school like the Park and the street you should ask the residents why they live there and the parks department why they are building a park. They must think as I do when I go down there that the wind off the river keeps the air quite clean.
    Safety: the traffic flows will change to accommodate whatever is built and if the unbelievable happens and the school is built than the traffic thru the neighborhood is going to fundamentally change to make it safe.
    Environment? What hurricane? So the building gets damaged with a lot of other buildings . So what? the kids and staff will be up the hill long before any big storm hits. This is just fear mongering.
    Contextual This is your only argument and it is a matter of opinion but I would submit that an honest discussion of this project would center on this argument alone.

  • Publius


    May 15th is the committee hearing at the City Council for the final hurdle in the ULURP process.

    We’ve all debated this project’s merits and demerits for many months. Distractors like DaVoyager and Two Trees supporters would like nothing more than people to keep up their shell game while they jump over the final hurdle.

    If you haven’t participated in the process before, this is your LAST CHANCE to make your voice heard. And unlike the unelected CB or the CPC, the City Council is somewhat representative.

    Take the time to type a quick email to Yassky, Avella, Quinn, Katz (though unless you send a check to the last two like Two Trees, it likey won’t do much good) and tell them to stand strong.

    Dock St. DUMBO will be built one day (hopefully lower than the bridge roadway), and at this point only you (through your elected representatives) can make sure the majesty of the Brooklyn Bridge is preserved for this and future generations.

  • davoyager

    sorry Pub but you’ll have to work a few more days. The hearing is the 21st. xtra billing hours.

  • bornhere

    da- Publius is a “hired gun” of whom? Those who prefer that the building not be built have what agenda? I think the idea is really, REALLY ill conceived, but I’m just me, and name-calling aside, I hate almost all of the construction that’s been done in the Heights in recent decades (Montague Street, Pierrepont Plaza, the gorgeousness that made Fulton Street Cadman Plaza, etc).

  • davoyager

    bornhere, there is some extremely valuable real estate with views that will be compromised by this project: condos worth several to many millions of dollars. These people have the means and the will to hire professionals and we have seen some of them at the hearings.
    I totally agree about the construction over the last few decades, but I ask where was the school. They built all this crap and hold us hostage at the last.
    Our elected officials had so many years to make this right and they didn’t. If you want someone to blame look to the empty promises and scant attention of the Yasskys and the Markowitzs and the Conners.

  • epc

    w/r/t environmental factors, the immediate area around the bridge is very dusty and sooty. This is unlikely to change. I take it the school has no plans for outdoor activities? No playground?

    w/r/t traffic: “the traffic flows will change to accommodate whatever is built” reflects a lack of sophistication about the nature of NYC traffic and traffic in and around DUMBO/Fulton Ferry. The assholes who absolutely must get into the traffic line to crawl down the BQE really, really don’t care at all today about tapping pedestrians. And the black car drivers who fly down Front Street won’t have any time to react to a kid meandering into the street.

    There’s a big difference between residents who choose to live in DUMBO and the city/state forcing children into an unhealthy situation.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Isn’t there also something to be said about having a school in such close proximity to a freeway on-ramp?
    Granted, the BQE often moves at a snail’s pace, but it does make abduction and disappearance a little more convenient.
    I’m sure I’ll get slammed for fear-mongering, but these are the things we must consider in this world.

  • cre

    the notion that the new building should be built lower than the BB roadway is very naive and impractical. it reflects poorly on the anti’s judgement. Why build a building lower than an adjacent on-ramp? how could that be financially feasible? it is so stupid, that it can’t be given an ounce of credence. But the antis are in an echo chamber and amen corner only hearing their own voices.
    the council will approve this building, i have no doubt. they could modify it if they thought the modifications would help make the locals happier but since the locals want something that is not feasible, i would not blame the council if they approve it as is. the city needs the jobs, the tax revenue and the new school.

  • bornhere

    da – I actually embrace the compromised-view issue, and if my immediate view were threatened, I’d not be very happy; I don’t think wanting to retain a selling point or a contributing reason for having purchased an especially costly living space is exactly agenda. But I think changing the “viewing context” of something as iconic as the Brooklyn Bridge is a good enough reason not to build. Add to that the essentially remote location and its stunning proximity to abundant traffic (short of NO vehicles, I don’t think there is an acceptable traffic-flow change), it is, to me, a really ill-conceived notion. We’re talking about a population of children. On a more personal note, one of the reasons I didn’t send my child to Friends was its location, and navigating Adams Street is, I think, probably easier than trying to get around the area of the proposed school.

  • davoyager

    Actually there is no school yard planned as the Brooklyn Bridge Park is going to serve that purpose.
    And I do believe the city will employ strong measures to control the traffic near this location to protect the kids. I have argued and will continue to argue for a car free zone around the school at least during school hours. It’s not impossible given this mayor and current movement to go more green. Deliveries and such can occur on off hours. This is something being done in cities all over America. I think NYC has become all too car friendly in recent years and I for one would like to see car and truck activity greatly curtailed in the residential neighborhoods.
    Two things I think would go a long way would be an absolute ban on the very big trucks on the streets and residential parking permits to cut down on the cruising for parking that consumes so much of New Yorkers time.

  • No One Of Consequence

    Isn’t one of the things they do to make buildings “green” is give the ability to open windows and let in fresh air rather than relying on mechanical systems?

    Sure, the hurricane and flooding won’t (most likely) destroy the building, but what about cleanup and restoration/repair costs?

    The pro-side really shows very little long-term thinking, IMO.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    cre- Can you explain the jobs beyond construction that this building will create? Once it is completed, what jobs other than building staff (which knowing developers, will be minimal?) will this create?

    Also, can you please clarify your statement-
    “The same people who believe a 14-story condo in dumbo will somehow diminish the brooklyn bridge would probably have been agaisnt the construction of the bridge in the first place had they been around then. they are people with only rear-view vision.”

    Where did you get the 14-story number? Who has stated this?, this would be a major reduction from TT plans.

  • cre

    the more the heights gentry complain and the more they piss off politicians like christine quinn the more assured the approval of the project. the cb was so out off by the heights coalition that they would have approved a building by attila the hun. You guys put people off. not only are your arguments crazy (don’t build new buildings near traffic arteries) but you are also obnoxious.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    Cre- You still can’t explain where the 14 story number you posted about come from?

    Also you speak for CB2? That’s interesting. Also the argument really isn’t about buildings near traffic arteries it is about a school near a traffic artery, which alone could get the DOE to say no.

    You really need to sharpen your arguments before you make wild allegations about people and what others think.

  • epc

    It would be impossible to close down Front St and Water Streets during a school day as they are the two primary East/West entrance/exit points to DUMBO. Furthermore the NYPD garage directly across the street has frequent comings and goings of tow trucks and various vehicles. Will the school politely request the NYPD to cease this activity?

    And…banning trucks from the streets of DUMBO? What, and drive every last bit of industry out of DUMBO so that it can be secured for the children?

  • No2Walentas2Trees


    You make valid points as to why the DOE may ultimately reject the school proposal and we will be left with just a building if this project goes through. The school argument hasn’t been thought through enough to warrant the support it is getting.

  • epc

    I get the sense that many people commenting about Dock Street, on either side, have never actually visited the site. I walk by it two-three times per day. It is an incredibly bad location for a school. Both due to the traffic and pedestrian access issues, as well as the environmental issues (not only CO and particulate PM2.5 pollution, but the design of the Dock St. high rise all but guarantees trapping all of the crap in the air that blows over from New Jersey).

    The site would be far better used as a strictly commercial, 5-7 story space, perhaps with a new performance space for St. Ann’s.

  • No2Walentas2Trees

    I go by there everyday as well and have to constantly run out of the way on fast moving livery cabs.

  • No One Of Consequence

    “the more the heights gentry complain and the more they piss off politicians like christine quinn the more assured the approval of the project.”

    Let’s see… these politicians are supposed to represent us, so by telling them how we feel they are compelled to do the opposite?