Two Trees Snail Mail Spam

Letter from Two Trees asking for support

Click for full sized version. WARNING: It's a large file.

A tipster sent us this unsolicited letter they received today, from Two Trees Management, asking for support for their Dock Street Dumbo plan. Yelling “IT’S NOW OR NEVER FOR A NEW MIDDLE SCHOOL IN DUMBO AND OUR NEIGHBORHOOD’S FIRST EVER AFFORDABLE HOUSING!”, they ask the recipient to contact David Yassky immediately, and attend a hearing hosted by the NYC Council Subcommittee on Zoning & Franchises on Thursday, May 14th at 11am.

Sound intriguing? Would you like to subscribe to their newsletter? Contact Nora Mattingly at 718-222-2500 or at

Anyone else out there receive this mailing?

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  • davoyager

    We got that and we got the mass mailing from the BHA telling us to write in opposition to the Yassky puppet and others….
    What’s your point?

  • Publius

    The point is the rally the large majority against this project to protest strongly as the zoning approval goes into its final round.

    Jeb Walentas is right in the above letter, it is now of never. If you’ve spoken out against the Dock St. DUMBO project before, this will be your last chance to stop the project. If you’ve never spoken out, speak now or forever regret that decision.

    A reminder to all that the City Council is Two Tree’s last hurdle. It’s critical that if you oppose this project, and it’s clear from previous hearings and the tens of thosands of petition signatures against it that the majority of Brooklynites are opposed to Dock St. DUMBO, that you contact your City councilperson and tell them to oppose it.

    Use the email address for Councilman David Yassky on the above letter from Jeb Walentas to tell Yassky to keep up his pressure on fellow concilmembers to vote NO on Dock St. DUMBO.

  • davoyager

    Big Man in the House!

  • No One Of Consequence

    “Now or never for a middle school” ???

    Only as it applies to this one location.

    Give me a friggin’ break!

  • Carlo Trigiani

    I think the BHA’s letter read “LAST CHANCE.”

    Let’s play fair. Write the councilman and speaker and let them know how you feel. I have and will.

    And while you’re at it, make sure you ask the public officials to get the school in writing. I condition my support on getting it in writing.

  • ABC

    I got both the Two Trees letter and the emails from the BHA. Luckily, I’m an adult able to read material from two sides of an argument. Both sides are encouraging me to write to Yassky and others expressing my opinion. Done and done.

  • No One Of Consequence

    I think the difference between the two sides is that from the BHA it really is the last chance to stop the project while from Two Trees it is just the last chance to get a middle school at this location. To say that it is the last chance *period* for a middle school in DUMBO is a lie.

    Carlo, I know you have previously expressed that if they don’t include the middle school that you will then come out against it (I’m paraphrasing), but at those times I took it from you to mean post-construction. This is the first (that I’ve noticed) where you are conditioning on having it in writing, presumably pre-approval.
    The thing is, I don’t think it’s going to happen; i.e. getting it in writing before the approval, which leaves the door wide open for all the lures to be retracted in the final plans.

    If Two Trees were serious, they would have presented a pre-prepared contract instead of a PR campaign. In so doing, they could have saved lots of lobbying dollars and won over many more undecideds in the community (aka nabe) long ago. The cost of lobbying and any advertising, etc is easily offset by what they stand to gain in getting the re-zoning, and even more so if/when they pull the middle school and affordable housing.

    So, is it fair to say that your current position is that you do not support the project, as there is nothing in writing? This would be a huge win for the BHB anti-DSD contingency. :) Welcome to the dark side.

  • Carlo Trigiani

    No One,

    I’m sorry if I wasn’t clear but I have always insisted that the school be put in writing pre-approval.

    As i understand it, the politicians need to prove to their constituents that they have protected the people. Either Quinn or Yassky will and should get the school in writing. They need to get something out of this negotiation.

    I blame Yassky for this game of political football. He’s playing the issue for publicity.

  • No One of Consequence

    Thanks for the clarification. While I am still against the project, I also agree with you that if they are going to approve it, they need to put pen to paper. Only a real fool would give carte blanche, which Yassky or other, they seem frighteningly too willing to do.
    Again, since it doesn’t exist (to my knowledge) don’t expect it to come from Two Trees.

    It’s standard practice haggling… if you don’t ask for it, you’re not going to get it.

  • Publius

    Carlo’s late game assertion that Yassky should be taking care of Two Tree’s committments is specious at best.

    It’s clear from the two major scandals that have come out of this process (the collustion and corruption of the SCA and Two Trees) as well as the pay offs to citycouncil people involved in the ULURP process that Two Trees has actively been working to subvert Councilman Yassky and the community’s efforts. And now Carlo and DuhVoyager expect Yassky to fall into line after this intentional sabatage and dirty dealings?

    The pro-Dock Street micro-minority is great at Doublepeak and the shell game. This assertion that Yassky should be helping those who actively work against him and the community is just the latest example. I have to give Two Trees credit, though. Their Rovian tactics have got them this far, and their micro-supporters like the comment above are going along for the ride.

  • AEB

    Add my email to Yassky to the pile of nay-sayers’.

  • ABC

    who says micro-minority? I’m asking seriously. Minority of NYers are against this? Of Brooklyn-ites? Of Dumbo-ites?

    What is the breakdown of supports/opponents? Where did you get this?

  • Publius


    To claify: The micro- minority of New Yorkers, Brooklynites, DUMBO-its are for Dock St/DUMBO. The vast majority are against the project.

    It’s clear from all rational indicators:

    — The percentage for against/for at all the hearings.
    — The number of signatures on petititons against/for.
    — The number of neighborhood associations against/for.

    These are measurable, empiracle indicators.

    The other side has Jeb’s checkbook, an effective rent-a-lobbyist hitting the citycouncil, CB and SCA hard with unwritten promises about a school and afforable housing, and less than a handful of online commentators, such as the ones on this talkback, pimping the pro-Dock Street position.

    The unelected, appointed, unrepresentative, and beholden CB voted for the project because Councilwoman James supportes it and, frankly, they are a rubber stamp since many rely on her for their positions and reappointments. It’s been noted before that during the Borough Hall hearings, a hearty handshake, toothy smiles and “It’s a great day” was exchanged between Papa Walentas and Rep. Tish James. I saw and heard this personally. I’ll leave it to individual readers to decide for themselves what that’s all about and what conversations had previously transpired between James and Walentas.

    The two scandals (SCA collusion and illegal contributions to politicians) that have emerged from this this months-long exercise has shown is the power of $$$ in our politicial process that this project/rezoning petition can get as far as it has against the will of the people.

  • Anon

    I think that Carlo and Dav are paid shills. They keep hanging themselves over and over with each posting they astro-turf on several boards. They contribute nothing else to any other conversation on any other boards besides the 2trees rhetoric. At this point I skip what they have to say, it always resonates BS. Paid shills are all over the net to lobby for corporations, tobacco industry, pharma industry, politicans, now greedy slimeball developers. Look up Rendon and Novogates if you think I’m lying.

  • unsure

    Not trolling, just trying to understand both sides.

    Since the fall I’ve seen people collecting signatures and handing out flyers, but I’ve stayed out of the fray because it seems to me for the most part these types of conflicts are usually about owners trying to ensure the highest possible value of their real estate holdings. I think the people who fall into this category realize most people won’t care much if that is their reason, especially in areas like DUMBO that are out of reach for many, so they revert to the “preservation argument”.

    So my question is what do you all think is the motivation behind the opposition? Is it really about public views or more so about views from million dollar apartments? I fully agree with those who’ve said don’t count on any of the affordable housing or even the school, because every new construction job I’ve seen that has promised affordable housing seems to retract fully or partially any affordable housing they promised by citing financial issues.

  • ABC

    That’s kind of what I figured Publius. I know a lot of supporters and they just aren’t out there screaming on the steps of city hall because that’s not what supporters really do. I get the opponents are the ones with the passion. I get that. But I know a lot of local people think think, “not perfect, but, yeah, okay.” It’s not really the kind of thing you for an association FOR or sign petitions FOR. I mean, by that logic, the community must be against the Brooklyn Bridge Park too, right?

    Besides post here that you’re for the project and you get called a paid shill. Sorry, but who needs that?

  • Publius

    I don’t agree with your logic.

  • davoyager

    I wish someone would pay me. All I do is pay more and get less in this city. I remember going to Albany in the 70’s as a high school student to argue against school budget cuts with my local state representative. And the budgets have continued to shrink relentlessly since that time. A citizen should be able to state an opinion without being viciously attacked. I’m sorry the opponents of this project have such weak arguments that these tactics are their only recourse against reason.

  • ABC

    that’s cool Publius.

    I don’t agree with your logic that pro-dock people are a micro-minority bcs they haven’t formed a support group or signed petitions.

    I don’t get your logic that all the pro-dock people are paid peons either.

    I get both sides of this argument.

  • Publius


    More doublespeak from the micro-minority.

    Certainly you exclude yourself from people who put out vicious attacks when at the Borough Hall hearing you said that everyone who’s against the project can’t possibly be a Brooklynite. (Which suprised/mildly amused me as a 4th generation Brooklynite)

    hyp⋅o⋅crite   –noun 1. a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., that he or she does not actually possess, esp. a person whose actions belie stated beliefs.

    You’re sanctimonious and opportunitic. You’ve said you don’t care at all about the Dock St./DUMBO development if you won’t get a school. Show’s how much you care about your borough and it history and national treasures. Who’s not a real Brooklynite? Look in the mirror DuhVoyager.

    Folks, this is your last chance to express your opinion to your representatives. Contact Yassky and let him know (use the email address above on Jeb’s scanned letter).

    I’m confident that the overwhelming number of people who do so will oppose this project since the overwhelming number of Brooklynites oppose this project.

    Have a great weekend!

  • davoyager

    Again, never said any such thing. If your whole argument is based on lies why should we listen to you? I would like to know who you are and more importantly who is paying you since you sign off every weekend and don’t show up again till monday.

  • davoyager

    I am now convinced that Pub is a hired gun and is engaging in a misinformation campaign while hiding behind the internet persona.

    Anyway I’m tired of him/her attributing statements to me that I would never make. So I am going to publish the statement I made at the BP’s hearing word for word in full here and on the Dumbo Blog.

    Mr. Borough President and assembled citizens of Brooklyn,

    I am a life long Brooklynite, victim of the NYC public school system and father of 2 now entering that same system. Some of you may know me as the Emily Warren Roebling Middle School of the Environment guy.
    When this great bridge was being built Brooklyn was promised that we would be an equal partner in this creation of a Greater New York City. We are still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.

    With regard to this issue: parents in almost any neighborhood in Manhattan and elsewhere in the city have any number of good public middle school choices for their children to the point that they can choose based on criteria such as whether the lockers are nice enough. Lockers! Here in Brooklyn if we have lockers they are WWII vintage, or more likely, they have been ripped out to make another room .

    Over the past decade or more the DOE has been building neighborhood schools all over the city using this same public/private partnership but not here in downtown Brooklyn. 2 trees comes along with this modest development respectful of this great bridge which will provide jobs and affordable housing, the school long needed and suddenly councilman Yassky and the BHA are casting around for any kind of alternative they can think of to putting this middle school in DUMBO.

    They say:”put the school in the old jail on Atlantic avenue” Put the school in the jail, think about that.

    They say: squeeze 3 more grades of big kids into the already overcrowded and outdated PS 8 which needs an annex built just to meet it’s current mission. An idea which shows just how little they care about the quality of the education these middle school aged children, and all the public school children here will be getting.

    They say spend the xtra $50 million (the value of this gift or bribe however you want to look at it) to build a new school anywhere else but Dock Street; a location where generations of kids would be able to share the views of this magnificent bridge built by dreamers with those who can actually afford to live here.

    I would ask: where was Councilman Yassky and the BHA when the mega project Atlantic Yards was being planned. There are no schools in that nightmarish collection of the over sized and the over sold.

    Where was councilman Yassky and the BHA when the big Hotel and condo development called Brooklyn Bridge Park was being planned? There are no schools in those over sized, out of place towers either.

    And you can bet that if this project is defeated all these people trying so hard to find an alternative to this wonderful school idea will evaporate like last weeks snow on a summer day.

    And you can bet that if they truly understood the need they would have seen this done years ago, and seen it done right.

    Nobody here knows if this project is actually going to be built in the current economic meltdown but it represents a real chance we now have, at this moment, in these downtown neighborhoods for a brand new school.

    These communities are hungry for public middle schools to nurture and this is where they might create one of the great public schools for the Borough of Brooklyn and for the city of New York.

    This is too good an idea to pass up for narrow personal reasons however well they have been packaged for the public.

    So I say it is about time, it is long past about time that Brooklyn got it’s fair share of the kinds of resources available to children and parents living elsewhere in this great city.

    I say: let’s seize this opportunity, Let’s build this school together so the children of Brooklyn can have a quality education in this inspirational setting.

    Thank you very much for your time.

  • Publius


    Nice editing job. Either that or nice angry ad lib job at the Borough Hall hearing.

    I remember turning to the person next to me when you stated your resentment to Manhattanites moving to Bklyn, which you then topped off by stating anyone againt the project is not a real Brooklynite. At that point my jaw hit the floor and I shared a chuckle with the person next to me. At that point I filed your comments under the “wackadoodle” heading. Soon after that you started your comments on this board and other. Odd that after months of me calling you out on your Borough Hall masterpiece you only now try to deny it.

    If a transcript exists, I’ll find it and post it hear so your neighbors not at the hearing can see what you think of them.

  • unsure

    Wow! This is what makes me want to live in the middle of nowhere so I don’t have to deal with douche nozzles. None of you answered me, but I’m going to have to side with davoyager after doing some research. Views of a bridge, no matter what bridge, are meaningless if viewed thru the eyes of the uneducated.

    And yes, I do live in BH.

  • ABC

    any chance we can get rid of those buildings that block the bridge view from the promenade side? down along furman near the ferry terminal. they look old and empty. and not old in a historically significant way. will they be demo’d for the park?

  • Nabe Car owner

    Pub Bully, you can drop your jaw all you want. What I posted here is word for word what I said. You must have me mixed up with all the other supporters of this project.
    Unsure, there are many people in Dumbo who’s views from their windows will be altered and they are fighting by any means necessary to maintain their property values and have basicly drummed up the opposition to a fevor pitch.
    And ABC I agree those horrable old buildings at the north end of the promenade should be torn down but in their infinite lack of wisdom the Brooklyn Bridge Park planners want to build an even bigger set of buildings, hotel etc in that location.

  • davoyager

    somehow my puter picked up someone elses identity for the previous post. apologies to nabe car owner, I don’t know how that happened.

  • epc

    ABC: do you mean the Squibb/Watchtower buildings or the National City Stores (the buildings on Furman in the park footprint). My understanding is that the City Stores buildings are to be demolished as part of the Brooklyn Bridge Park plans

    For anyone pro/against Dock Street: I’m still looking for current dimensions of the proposed Dock Street site. I’ve found a few vague references to the proposed and current CPC approved heights but nothing for the lower chunk of the complex. Provided these I can update the Google Earth model I posted a couple of days ago.

  • ABC

    well, I know there’s little hope of losing the squibb/watchtower buildings. But yeah, the National City Stores, I guess. If they were gone, the view would be much improved.

  • BklynLifer

    There’s a former police station on Poplar or Middagh street, right near PS 8. It’s large and looks like it could serve as a middle school. It hasn’t been used in years. It’s already owned by the city. Why doesn’t the city use property it owns and turn it into a middle school?